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Everyday Bag Product Review

7 Ratings
by Marilyn
Oct 22nd, 2015
This is my 3rd snaptote bag. Quality is 100+%. Kids keep growing, so I need to keep changing/up-dating to newer ones. Since I am an older grandma, finding things in a BLACK inside is difficult, a brighter color would be great. It doesn't wear out either!
by Sue
Mar 30th, 2015
I love the way my photo looks on my Everyday Bag. But I was quite disappointed in the fabric. I have the Single Strap Bucket bag and absolutely love it, but the fabric on the Everyday Bag is a very coarse canvas-like fabric rather than Microfiber. I guess I made a mistake assuming that all of the handbags were made of the same type of fabric. The corners are sewn kind of roughly and it just doesn't have the same top quality look as the bucket bag. The straps are the same type of coarse canvas fabric.
by Bonnie
Jan 16th, 2015
Love this bag ... wish it had a top snap-flap closure like the one on the petite bucket bag to prevent people from reaching inside my purse and grabbing my wallet ... good quality
by Jean
Aug 6th, 2014
This is the 3rd handbag I have had from Snaptotes & I have to say the quality of the bag is great! The bag lasts for years & the lining does NOT rip or come apart at the seam! It also washes easily w/ a cloth. I have several compliments a week on my bag as I have pics of my dogs as pups. I have given out all their referral cards because so many people ask me "Where'd you get that purse?"
by virginia
Jul 1st, 2013
received the everyday bag last week that I had ordered for my mother in laws birthday. love,love, love it! the photos were placed exactly as I had requested them. I know she's going to really enjoy it. service was excellent and shipping was right on time. would highly recommend snaptotes for a beautiful and lasting gift.
by Michelle
May 17th, 2013
I really like my Everyday Bag because of the wonderful print quality of my kiddos. It is slightly smaller than something that would meet my everyday needs. The zipper at the top is different, but I'm getting used to it. It's a good bag overall, but I like the Gigi and Bucket Bag that I have better.
by Christina P.
Sep 24th, 2009
I love My Everyday Bag! It has the perfect amount of pockets in it, and best of all it has my children's picture on it so I'm not fumbling around trying to find their picture if I don't have them with me. The purse is also very sturdy and so far has withstood my 5 year old throwing it around. Keep up the great work and thanks for making such a wonderful and useful item!