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Workout Bag Product Review

3 Ratings
by Tess
Apr 24th, 2014
I have always loved my Snaptotes bags. Before the workout bag I owned the Gigi. I needed something a little bigger and most importantly wanted a bag with longer straps. I'm at the point where I can finally combine the diaper bag with the purse and only carry 1 bag so it needed to accommodate that. I loved the idea this bag had the bottle holders on the side and they do in fact work well. I was a bit disappointed by the material and straps not being as nice as the leather of the Gigi but I suppose it makes some sense with the diaper bag part. I love the length of the straps! My only real complaint would be the's a joke and nothing like the true divider in the Gigi which is a fully built in pocket secured all around truly dividing the bag where as in this bag it's just a flimsy strip of material not secured on the bottom and not a pocket so everything just goes under it anyways. It was so annoying that I actually cut it out and am way happier now. This bag would be a 5 star if it had a dividing pocket on the inside like Gigi!
by Mary B.
Jun 12th, 2013
Every year for our birthdays, my daughters and I purchase Snaptotes purses for each other. My purse becomes a wonderful "Grannie Photo Album" to carry. I was so excited to get this year's bag in time to go to the International Gideon Convention in Louisville, KY. As I saw my Christian Brothers and Sisters from around the world, I showed them how my family had grown and changed in the last I quickly gave away all my Snaptotes Cards!
by Katrina
Jan 16th, 2013
I just received my new workout bag (that I actually will be using as a purse) and I love it! This is my third bag from snap totes and I plan on buying more in the future!