Winter Break: Beating the Chilly Blues

Fun tips for keeping the kids occupied during winter break

There’s nothing that quite compares to the magical wonder of winter. Colorful holiday lights illuminate the evenings, sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace wearing fuzzy socks, and endless hours of amusement building snowmen – and forts for snowball fights.

When the weather outside is frightful, keeping the kids entertained is as easy as the gentle snowfall without worrying about letting their attention be on the television or electronics for entertainment;

  • A league of their own: Check your local for community centers or bowling alleys for winter break mini-leagues. A short-term basketball tournament or kiddie-bowling might be just what’s needed to burn off some of the pent up energy – and we are always looking for ways to add a little more exercise!
  • Scavenger hunts: One of the few things kids enjoy more than hiding stuff is finding stuff. Start the young’uns off with a simple and easy list to find, and then gradually increase the difficulty. Toss in a few healthy snacks as rewards. If you have several kids, rotate through letting one create the list of items to be found for hours of interactive stimulation and entertainment.
  • Lava: Kids of all ages love playing “the floor is lava”. It’s amazing how many hours kids can be entertained by this simple game. Take this activity to a new level of fun and safety by using only blankets for lava and cushions for the safe places. Keep the action going by moving the lava or safe places during the game!
  • Marshmallow Catapult: Let’s be honest – playing with food can be too much fun to pass up. Grab a couple packages of mini marshmallows, a bob of wooden popsicle sticks, and a handful of rubber bands and create a catapult to shoot marshmallows and see who can catch the most in their mouth. Bonus – clean-up is a breeze! Bonus #2 – rice crispy treats for everyone!
  • Build a fort: Nothing beats building a fort. From collecting cushions and other materials from all over the house to draping the sheets and blankets to complete the hideaway, your kids imaginations go into overdrive in their castle or hideout. Make it a family affair with “secret” tunnels connecting several mini forts.
  • Hit the closet: Rummage through the closet, attic, or basement and pull out all those old board games for an afternoon full of nostalgic fun. Missing pieces? No problem – substitute some leftover marshmallows or pretzel sticks. For more fun, toss the standard rules of the game and make up your own!

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