Thoughtful Gifts for Your Employees

The first Friday in March – this year it falls on March 1st – is one of the most unrecognized national days, yet are the most important in the business world.

National Employee Appreciation Day.

With just a few moments of your time – and even fewer dollars from the bottom line – you can share some love with your employees and let them know just how important they are to you, on National Employee Appreciation Day and every other day of the year.

They say it’s the age of the geek – and all you need to do is simply ask any business owner or manager to know it’s true. Telephones, electronic schedules, and everything else along the information super-highway is kept under control and functioning by the geek gods. iPhone cases, sleeves for the smart pads, or messenger bags to tote laptops and all the peripherals, we have the tech gear to make your geeks drool. Share the nerd-love with tech gifts from Snaptotes to show your IT department how much you appreciate all their hard work – and working email.

Out of the office team members spend days on the road away from home and loved ones. Travel kitsare the perfect for these workers on the front line. Our high quality men’s Dopp Kit holds all the personal items needed for an overnight or extended stay on the road, with all the essentials pack conveniently into the main zippered compartment. For the ladies, keep them organized in style with our chic cosmetic bag. For an extra fashion flair, the interior fabric is available in choice of deep black, hot pink, multi-color stripe, or black and white polka dot for a fun splash. Keep your people looking good, while the personalization of these travel kits with photos keep their soul happy.

We all like to listen to our personal music while we work – but no one wants to listen to someone else’s! Make everyone happy with their own individual sets of earbuds and Snaptotes has the perfect earbud wraps. Let our designers help you combine your company logo with your employee name for a custom-made gift from the heart. Whether tucked in pocket or purse, earbuds will always be easy to find and tangle free.

Spread some fun in any workspace! Our genuine leather desk weights are a perfect gift for any office size. Filled with shot, these desk weights are perfectly weighted for keeping papers in their place – and lightweight enough to toss between cubes for some fun. Personalize these beanbags with the company logo, or add more fun be personalizing them for teams and let the cube fun begin!

Snaptotes has dozens of high-quality gifts, and with help from our professional graphic designers to create the perfect printing, you can show all your employees your appreciation for all they do every day of the year.

Because when it comes down to it, our employees aren’t just about business. It’s about family.

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