The End of an Era: Retirement Gifts from the Heart

It’s been their labor of love. Throughout the decades of dedication and hard work, they’ve been there. Like family, you've shared all the happy memories that propel us through life; getting married, the first child, off to college and graduation. But retirement comes, and with that a chapter of life closes, and a new one begins.

Celebrate their commitment and accomplishments with a unique and personal gift that says, “thank you” in a way like no other and send them off into their next adventure with a gift they are guaranteed to treasure always. Snaptotes is here to take the personalization to the next level.

  • Golf Bag:

    The classic retirement dream is hitting the links. Early morning sunrises, misty fog wafting from pristine lakes, perfectly trimmed greens. The quiet daybreak is broken only by the soft sounds of nature. Send them out onto the course with a hand crafted golf accessory bag, made from genuine leather with polished nickel swivel clip and accents. With our unique printing process, we can personalize it with any photo you choose, for a retirement gift that’s fit for a Pro.

  • Thin Blue Line:

    The service of the men and women who wear the uniform is a proud profession that should be celebrated throughout their career – and Snaptotes is proud to show our support of law enforcement with our Thin Blue Line series. Many of our best sellers, such as wristlet keychain, men’s wallets, dopp and travel kits, and workout bag, are enhanced with the Thin Blue Line emblem, showing continued support for all the brave men and women who have put on the uniform and continue to do so in their heart.

  • Keepsake Boxes:

    Every memory needs a treasure chest – that special place for mementos and photos. Celebrate all their accomplishments with a handcrafted Keepsake Box. Each memory box is handcrafted with our commitment to excellence by local artisans in historic Sainte Geneviève, Missouri. Available in three sizes, these keepsake boxes are perfect for packing with treasured memories or home décor accents. Detail crafted from the fully opening hinged top to the rich velvet lining, each box is a work of art from our hearts to yours.

  • Quilt Blocks:

    The ultimate memory that can be incorporated into an unlimited list of crafting projects are printed photo blocks. From throw pillows with pics from the Christmas party to a snuggly napping blanket featuring your crew, the specialized printing technique we incorporate into all of our personalized products is highlighted on our durable, microfiber fabric photo blocks. Available in the 3 most common quilting and crafting sizes – 6” square, 8” square, and 10” square – our printing capability is limited only by your imagination.

Whether for a family member or spouse, that special co-worker that has been by your side for years, or the extraordinary teacher who left a lasting impact on every life they came in contact with – celebrate their retirement with a gift as unforgettable as they are.


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