Summer Photography - Capturing the Family Fun

Rope swings and cool lakes. Bonfires and melty s’mores. Corn on the cob and slices of sweet, ripened watermelon.

Long, sun-kissed days and endless pitchers of refreshing iced tea – summer is here and we don’t want you to miss a moment of the family fun or the incredible memories!

Candid Kids:

Water balloons, sprinklers, and tire swings are staple fun for the warm weather. Adventures abound in the backyard or the local park. Your kids come alive during these months, and it warms your heart like the shining sun. Kids at the height of their play make for some of the best candid shots – and you shouldn't hesitate jumping right into the middle of the action for the best angles and shots. For some extra special summertime pics, capture groups of siblings or cousins for photos to share with the rest of the family.

Glow Stick Graffiti:

Bright streaks and creative swirls against a dark background. We’ve all seen pictures of the colorful lights against the night – but are mystified by how it’s done. It’s simpler than you think! A few glow sticks, some energetic kids (or adults!), a dark place, and a smidgen of patience is all it takes. With just a little practice you’ll be making smile faces and messages – or just crazy streak art!

  • Prepare the phone. First, turn off the flash. Next, steady the phone. This is probably the most overlooked – and easiest to correct. You don’t need a fancy stand for good pictures. Resting your phone or elbows on a firm surface will take the shot to a whole new level with just a little stabilization. Finally, check out your app store and download a nighttime photography app.
  • It’s all about the fun! Unleash the kids to run around for colorful streaks and swirls. Or, get the gang together and with a little coordination you can create a message or date.
  • It’s not limited to glow sticks. For some extra pop, try sparklers – they’re available year-round in most locations and make for spectacular results.

The Gang:

Nothing compares to an afternoon spent with family and friends for a good bar-b-que. The guys hanging around the grill telling war stories of flaming burgers, perfectly seared steaks, and the neighborhood puppy stealing hot dogs, while potato salad recipes and refreshing fresh-squeezed lemonade make the rounds. These are the memories you will cherish forever. For the best impromptu shots, capture your subjects by yelling “hey!” just before snapping. With kids, the best composition shots next to playing is eating watermelon; take these fun shots to the next level by giving oversized slices – the wider the better.

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