Spooktacular Memories: Photography and Memories for Halloween

It’s slowly creeping up on us - that time of year again. The shorter days and cooler nights. The morning bustle of young ones headed back to school. The harvesters bringing in the crops. The leaves are starting to change, and bringing with it the time of the year that unleashes the fun in kids and grown-ups alike. Halloween is almost here, and Snaptotes wants to help you capture those low-light images and preserve all the spooktacular fun.

Taking the Best Halloween Photos:

  • Cell phones are the most popular – and practical – way to take pictures, and the results are truly remarkable. Since you’re carrying it anyway, why not make use of it to capture the fun of Halloween? Try these simple setting changes to get the most out of your images;
  • Consider switching to the black and white setting for an added spooky effect.
  • Use night mode to capture the best images after dark and in low-light situations.
  • Steady your phone by using a tripod or bracing yourself against a tree to keep your phone still for clear, sharp pictures.
  • Strobe lights create an eerie – and incredible – effect when snapping images of people or pets in motion, especially in the dimness of twilight or after dark. What better time to dust them off and bring them out of the basement, than for Halloween? To capture the full potential of the strobe effect, make sure the strobe light is behind you and that your camera is set to night mode and braced, and let the action unfold before you. The final image of frozen movement is guaranteed to awe.
  • Jack-o-lanterns come in all shapes and sizes – and pumpkin carving has become a hip new art form. For the best pictures of illuminated pumpkins, be sure to pay attention to the composition, and steady the camera, making sure to turn off the flash to ensure the soft glow of the inner light comes through. Consider your subject holding a jack-o-lantern over their head for a dramatic combination of light and silhouette image – and a modern day spin on the Headless Horseman.
  • Silhouettes against the setting sun are both dramatic and stunning. Whether a line of ghouls and superheroes walking on a hill against the open twilight sky, or your pirates and princesses among the cornstalks, or holding up your little one over your head – keep an eye open for the opportunity for a unique picture.

Keeping the Memories Alive

You’ve created some spectacular images of unforgettable fun – keep those memories on display all year with our unique canvas prints. Available in over half a dozen sizes, each one of our prints are individually reproduced directly onto the highest quality canvas for the most realistic and brilliant colors. We hand stretch and gallery mount (the highest standard of canvas art) your print onto 1.5” solid wood bars for the highest quality mounted canvas artwork.

Above all, no matter your age, just have a blast – and don’t forget to snap a few pictures of the night’s loot!


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