Special Keepsakes for the Special Day


From setting you up on the first date to being there for the walk down the aisle, your friends are such an important part of your life – and of your wedding day. You celebrate your friendship during the planning process and the rehearsal dinners, but you want to show your gratitude in a more tangible way – with a unique flair that’s all you.

At Snaptotes, we’ve rounded up some of the most unique, personalized gifts for you to show your appreciation to your friends – that are guaranteed to knock their socks off!

  • Travel Kit: 

    When you’ve got friends traveling, you want them to do it in style. With our guy’s dopp kits and ladies makeup bags, you’ve got them all covered! Spacious and simple, the dopp kits hold all the essentials that the guys need, from razors to gel and deodorant and everything in between – with room to spare. Our ladies makeup bag is a sleek and smart design with a polished nickel swivel clip to attach to any bag or suitcase for easy access. All of our travel kits are handcrafted in America from the highest quality microfiber and are customizable with any image to make these gifts as warm and as personal as your friendship.

  • Wine Tote:

    The sleek design of our fabulous wine tote perfectly holds souvenir bottles of wine from your bachelorette party or outing to your favorite winery. The handmade, double neoprene construction keeps the contents cold and protects from condensation while the stylish silver rings add a splash of sophistication that goes anywhere. Kick it up a notch with our custom printing of your favorite girl’s night out or personalize each one with a favorite photo.

  • Flask: 

    The ultimate guy gift for the guys at your bachelor party - or a spectacular gift for the ladies! These high quality, stainless steel flasks are standard 11oz capacity, and the gasketed stainless steel screw cap is hinged to keep it from being lost. The handcrafted genuine American leather wrap can be personalized in any manner – from a group snapshot to their names, and anything in between. Let our designers help make each one perfect!

  • Tech Sleeves:

     It’s everywhere you turn – and we can’t imagine our lives without it. Our technology keeps us connected from home to work to play and every facet of life in between. Why not show your love with a customized case or sleeve to protect their devices? At Snaptotes, we offer tech protection in a most stylish way. Whether a protective sleeve for your bestie’s tablet or a case for your geek guru’s laptop, or a smart pouch to perfectly hold a cell phone and credit cards and ID, every one of our handcrafted products are made from the highest quality materials by local artisans of unmatched skill.

From start to finish, your friends have been there to ensure your important day was perfect.

Let us help you say, “thank you.” in a most unforgettable way – because you have the most unforgettable friends!


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