"Say, 'cheese!'" How to Get the Whole Family Beaming for Photos

Family gatherings, whether for formal functions or spur of the moment backyard barbecues, always create special memories that we love to share across the miles. From formal Easter Sunday to ugly sweaters at Christmas, we’ve gotten easy tips to bring out the smiles – no matter the situation!

  • Getting smiles can be the most challenging part of any photoshoot – but it doesn’t have to be! Photographs are meant to bring out the fun and joy of the moment and the love we share. Let everyone tell their favorite funny story to break the ice, and encourage laughter to keep up the smiles all afternoon. And don’t forget – not everyone needs to look at the camera! Some of the best shots are all mixed up, so go with it.
  • Break up the monotony of serious faces with silly shots to keep everyone engaged and having fun. Snap a few with perfect smiles from the adults and goofy grins from the kids, then switch it up with serious kids and crazy adults. Keeping up the fun keeps the energy level high.
  • Candid shots are the best, no matter the occasion. While everyone is getting into their places, have the camera going. Some of the best pictures are made from genuine laughs and exaggerated smiles, and kids being – well, kids. Always leave time in your shoots for little breaks which can lead to some of the best candid shots.
  • Getting the four-legged family member’s attention is easier than you think! Hold his favorite toy or treat above the camera and presto! the perfect shot. To add more character to your shot by changing the direction of your fur baby’s stare, move the toy or treat off to the side to draw his attention while clicking and capturing.
  • Don’t forget the action! Candid shots bring out personalities, but movement brings your photographs to life. Encourage everyone to relax, especially when snapping shots of younger kids. Tickling, giggling, and even an impromptu game of tag brings out the truest smiles and personalities you will remember for a lifetime.
  • They say there’s nothing more important than location – and when it comes to stellar images of the familywe couldn’t agree more! Whenever possible, outdoor photos are hands-down the best choice for family photos. The great outdoors – especially during vacation – bring out the wonder and excitement in us all, not to mention making us more relaxed. When at the beach, consider taking group shots in the late day or sunset, or early to mid-day when in the park.

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