Pretty in Pastels

Spring always brings to mind warm days, colorful flowers, and pretty clothes to match. Giggles and squeals as the little ones burn off the wiggles from winter. What a perfect time to grab a camera and preserve those memories!

Here are some of our spring photography tips with your little ones:

  • Getting everyone dressed up in their Sunday Best for family photos doesn't have to be a chore. Let the little girls help pick out their outfits so they can look the part of the exquisite little princesses they are. For the boys, let them have a small splash of “guy stuff” – a tie with their favorite superhero or camo socks can keep them from going rogue on picture day.
  • There really is no bad time of day to take pictures! Sunny days lend themselves to the natural outdoors, with dresses and flowers a perfect combination for your little lady. Little boys hunting amidst the rocks for frogs and lizards bring out their boyish charm every time. For the formal family dinner, break out the candles for a soft glow that will warm the shot – and your heart.
  • There’s always room for props! From baskets piled high with a bounty of freshly picked wild flowers, to cuddling with baby chicks and bunnies and everything in between, props keep our photoshoots interesting and moving – which keeps the whole family interested and stress-free. Add in even more fun with hand made signs with your favorite sayings, or ad-lib as the muse strikes.
  • Keep the kids from squirming with a few simple tricks – and treats. First, be sure you plan to assemble the young 'uns last. Let them burn off their energy while the adults decide the order and composition for the shots, then call the kids in when you’re ready for them. Second, let the kids dictate some of the shots. Encouraging them with direct participation keeps them engaged, interested – and guaranteed to come up with some photo-album worthy shots. Lastly, remember a little bribery goes a long way when trying to take a family photograph. Offer a small treat as payment for a specific amount of perfect smile time – you’ll be surprised at the results!
  • Don’t forget the mud! Before all the fancy ribbons, dresses, and suits, there was the mess from hours romping in the warm sun and wet ground. This precious family time is just as important – and memorable – as the formal portraits. Keep your camera or cell phone handy to capture all the fun (and messes!) being had by the adults and kids alike – and don’t forget to let the four-legged kids get in on the action!

With such an amazing collection of photos, it’s natural to want to keep them with you every day – or share them with those special people in your life. Snaptotes' personalized products bring together old world craftsmanship from talented artisans and the finest American made materials with a cutting edge printing technique that takes memories to the next level and beyond.

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