Piecing It All Together

For thousands of years, it’s been a prevailing artwork media. From simple to intricate, classic to bold and edgy, in every artistic medium imaginable, the collage has withstood the test of time. In our digital age, the modern collage is a collection of photos that come together to form one picture. A photo collage tells a beautiful story. Your story.

Creating a stunning photo collage is incredibly easy. Following a few simple steps will help you have a collage perfect for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Story time:

The collage tells a story – so be sure to choose photos based on that story! From your wedding day to special family outings, selecting photos that fall within a theme or event is a great way to start your collage. Pictures of your little one growing up across the years, or even capturing the highlights of senior year, each photo is a warm memory that makes up life – and a beautiful collage.

Lay it out:

Next, arrange your photos. There’s no right or wrong way – and the more diverse the pattern, the more unique way to share the story! When placing the pictures, you can choose to position them chronologically or staggered aesthetically – or completely random. For more fun, arrange them to form a shape - the only limit to the possibilities is your creativity and imagination.

Stay within the lines:

Another option with your collage is adding borders around and between the photos. These margins can be colorful and loud, or subtle and demure – it’s all about your story and your personality. For holiday-themed collages, consider using the colors of the season intermingled with clipart. To achieve a modern minimalist look, consider incorporating black and white photographs and a thin border of black or white to create a chic monochrome. If you’re looking for edgier, let our designers walk you through monochrome images with a single muted color for an eye-popping design.


Don’t forget graphics and text! From quirky clipart to your favorite sayings and family mottos, various graphics can take your photo medley to the next level of fun and fashion. If the collage is a gift, consider adding personalized messages from loved ones. For larger projects – such as banners – leave some white space and provide permanent markers for friends and family to write in their own messages.

With outstanding designers to help you every step of the way, your collage will be a breathtaking work of art – just like your memories.

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