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 We all know how important those personal and portable add-ons are that make our lives a little easier — not to mention organized and stylish. The value of a high quality laptop case or roomy handbag is priceless!

Where would we be without the little personal necessities in life like your keys, phone or laptop case and handbag with tons of pockets to stash the essentials in? They’re cool, functional and express who we are. That’s the beauty of personalizing your portable accessories with reminiscent photos - keeping those treasured moments to the forefront of our minds. At Snaptotes, we help to make those memories a part of your daily life with a custom personal and portable add-ons.


They hold the keys to our world from the car we drive to our humble abode or office. While keychains are a basic essential accessory that can subtly add a tasteful flare to any handbag or dangle from your hip, they certainly need not be dull. As if a reflection into the past, Snaptotes will help you personalize any of our fashionably sensible keychains with a your favorite timeless photo. Our keychains are constructed from full grain leather with flawless stitching and nickel hardware - keeping those memories close to your heart to enjoy for many years to come.

Phone Cases

Phone and tablet cases range from clunky glitter and bling to slim, ordinary designs, the choices are endless. A classy and sensible custom photo phone or tablet case fits the bill perfectly! Featured designs express your cool personality and chic flare without compromising protection, organization or quick accessibility. Best of all, you can easily design a flawless image using a priceless photo of your choosing.

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop and gear cases are the essential for students, businessmen and women of all walks of life. Your schoolwork, P&L reports, sales proposals and so much are dependent upon fast accessibility and protection. Laptop sleeves come in various sizes and are made of double-backed neoprene with and easy glide zipper while the messenger bag boasts quality lining and spacious pockets to store instruments and accessories is imperative. We get it! Durability, functionality, options and style are the driving force behind your purchase decision.

The Snaptotes personal and portable tech collection offers just that and more, with the option to personalize your hardware gear easily with our custom photo design.

These days, personal and portable devices are all the rave in every corner and crevice of the world. Everyone is vying for the newest and most individualized accessory available. Here at Snaptotes, our mission is to help you stand out with your own personality. With our tastefully stylish collection of custom portable protection for all your electronic tools and toys to our best seller gifts, we promise there is something tailored to you and your treasured loved ones.

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