More Than Just Business: Employee Appreciation Day

Small gifts to let your employees know you care

They mark your success at every turn of the calendar, and Employee Appreciation Day is your opportunity to show them how much they matter to you and your company – because your work family is part of your family!

We’ve assembled some of the best gifts to show your gratitude from personalized wallets to keychains… Without breaking the budget!

  • Koozies: Everyone loves koozies! They keep our drinks at the perfect temperature for hours at a time while and make a stand-out statement at the same time. What better way to thank your employees for a well-done job than with these personalized can coats? Made from double backed neoprene, our koozies are available for traditional cans, or bottles. Show you care by having them imprinted with images or company logos!
  • Desk Weight: Nothing brings a little stress relief around the office like our bean bag desk weights! Whether an impromptu game of tic-tac-toe between cubicles or horseshoes around the watercooler, these weights are made from genuine American leather and filled with just the right amount of shot to keep papers where they need to be yet lightweight enough to be tossed around the office. Customize these with your company logo and employee names and let the fun begin!
  • Key Fob: At the office, keys are always being dropped or misplaced. Show some love to your employees with personalized Key Fobs! Choose from the traditional square or more contemporary tear drop, both are constructed from the finest American made, full grain leather and brilliant nickel-plated hardware, our Key Fobs will never be forgotten – just like your appreciation for your employees.
  • Mouse Pad: From cubicles to corner offices, personal space is necessary – and so are the personal items to bring a bit of home to work every day. Make your employee’s year with a gift that helps keep them on track with computer work and keeps precious memories an arm’s reach away with personalized mouse pads. Made from high quality neoprene, your employee's favorite image is printed directly onto this standard sized mouse pad in brilliant color for a lifetime of use – and memories.
  • Ear Bud Wraps: Every desk has one; a pair of favorite earbuds that has become tangled beyond recognition. Show your employees just how much you care with personalized earbud wraps! Handmade from genuine leather, each case is specially pigment dyed for the truest no-run black, and the imprinted image won’t fade. Your employees will feel satisfaction every time the pull out their earbuds.
  • Adhesive Phone Wallet: Simplicity sometimes makes for the best organization – and our adhesive phone wallet fits the bill perfectly! This custom wallet is designed to hold ID, credit cards, or cash for the ultimate grab-n-go accessory. The full adhesive back keeps the wallet in place until you take it off – without damage to your phone. Let our designers help you combine your company logo with your employee name for a custom-made gift from the heart.

Snaptotes brings together the highest quality materials like genuine American leather and nickel-plated hardware with talented artisans to create handmade gifts and accessory that take personalization to the next level. Make Employee Appreciation Day of your company special, and motivate your employees with the special, customized gifts!


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