Mood Boards

From inspiration to composition

Mood Boards – also known as Inspiration Boards – are a modern way of expressing our feelings or creativity. Pictures, images, texts, and objects that convey a mood or emotion are collected and assembled on a poster board or corkboard. We use them to convey ideas or emotions, or just show off our personality.

Creating your own mood board is incredibly easy, and opens the door to a whole new way expressing yourself in ways you might not have considered:

Current mood: 

In honor of its namesake, let friends and family know how you’re feeling by switching up your mood board throughout the day. Simple shifts of colors and texts can convey your true feelings – and even let others help you out of a funk. At work, post a picture or meme by your desk to let your coworkers know how you’re doing – and start a whole new office trend!

These are a few of my favorite things:

Much like Pinterest, inspiration boards are ways to inspire yourself, or others. Ideas, colors, themes all lend themselves to getting the creative juices flowing for a craft project or decorating ideas. Planning to redecorate a family room? Get the entire clan involved by letting everyone choose elements to add to the board to bring the room together for maximum impact and comfort.

This is me: 

When heading off to college, create a mood board to hang outside your dorm room, or above your bed with your favorite photo pillows. Be sure to include pictures of your family, pets, and favorite places. Telling a story of you without using any words is a great way to meet new friends and share common interests. If you’re a Resident Assistant, encourage everyone on the floor to create their own board and display them in the common room – and let others guess the owner.

Study help: 

Cramming for that big math test? Feel like you’re drowning in history? Change up your mood board and ask for help from your fellow students at the same time! Post images, memes, and text and you’ll find yourself with a study partner in no time – and ace that test!

How was your day:

Start a new after-school family tradition with a mood board for each one of the kiddos. Allow them to share their day, report cards, tests, and anything else that stands out from their day. Help them develop their expressiveness by having the rest of the family come together and guess!

Moody teens: 

If you’ve got a teenager in the house, affix a board to the outside of their bedroom door to allow them to change up according to how they feel. For more open communication, hang two smaller boards – one for them and one for you, and share back and forth!

Mood boards aren’t just for the professionals. Inspiration and mood boards give us an endless opportunity for creative communication and self-expression at home, work, or at school. No matter how you choose to use these trendy boards – material or digital – express yourself out loud without saying a word.


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