Masks, Microphones, and Mustaches: Your Photoshoot Prop Guide

We all love to get together for a photo shoot. Planned family gatherings or spur of the moment reunions with the gang, we preserve all those memories to keep them close – so why not kick it up a notch by adding some props?

With the help of some household items, a dash of creativity and a pinch of spontaneity, you can transform an ordinary group shot into a memory worth sharing for years to come.

  • Paper cutouts on sticks are an easy way to add a splash of fun and frivolity in front of the camera. For a child’s birthday party, choose a theme and print enough for all the kids – and the adults, too! Let each child pick one, and switch it up regularly to keep the amusement – and the pictures – coming.
  • Don’t forget your four-legged friends and family members! Adding your pet to a shot can create an energetic photograph, especially if you combine several props.
  • Work with the weather for images that capture the spontaneity of the moment. In the fall, having fun in piles of leaves will capture the delight and joy. If it’s raining, don boots and umbrellas rather than staying inside – and don’t forget to splash in those puddles!
  • Trampolines bring out the kid in us all, no matter what our age! Get the gang together with an outdoor trampoline or local trampoline park, and safely get some air for a spectacular shot that everyone will treasure.
  • Use the pavement! Draw a chalk scene such as a beach or tall buildings and lay down to pose for an interesting take on classic family pictures; the only limit is your imagination!
  • Word balloons are a hip trend no matter the occasion. Create paper cutouts of your favorite sayings for a fun twist. For even more entertainment, let everyone create their own sign and hold it up – or over the head of someone else – and let the photo reveal begin!
  • Nothing frames a picture quite like a frame – so bring it into the photo shoot! Giant hand-held cut-outs that look like picture frames or a polaroid print make for a phenomenal keepsake portrait. For a chic twist, stage a standard picture frame in the forefront of the shot, with family and friends further back as the focus of the shot for a unique shot that will have everyone talking.
  • Bubbles can bring out the kid in all of us, so at the start of the photo shoot pass around several small bottles and bring on the fun.
  • Bust out the sports gear to incorporate your passions into the photo shoot! Whether it’s tee time on the greens or a little three-on-three at the hoops, bring on the excitement and fun competition that only sports can bring out.

Photographs are snippets from our lives, those precious moments that bring us all together. Consider sharing those remarkable images with our Memory Ornament or one of our other personalized photo products.


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