Making a Patchwork Quilt That's Unique to Your Family

Memories are the building blocks of life, stitched together friends and family, and wrapped around us in love. Bring this to life with a homemade quilt, using blocks printed with your most important memories. Heirloom quilts are passed down from generation, each telling their own unique stories. This year, give the ultimate gift to your loved one in a personalized, handmade quilt.

  • The foundation of any quilt is the blocks. For a truly unique twist, consider mixing in quilt squares that are custom printed with special moments. Baby’s first steps, the family vacation, and once in a lifetime sports shots are all the splashes in the ocean of life that make us who we are. With our design services, we can assist you in choosing and coordinating shots for the best results, and we offer three sizes to work with any size quilt; 6x6”, 8x8”, and 10x10”.
  • Stitch strips of material between blocks can pull the quilt together. Consider the overall color coordination or themes and patterns when choosing fabrics. Odd strips of clothing – denim jeans or flannel shirts – can be incorporated so long as they’ve been washed thoroughly and dried to prevent possible future shrinkage. Bright fabric patterns of favorite cartoon characters or sports teams can add just the right splash of fun.
  • Additional materials, such as swatches of fabrics from baby clothes, and tee shirts from favorite concerts, can all be incorporated into a homemade quilt. Cut a square from the center from a sports team or concert that matches the size of the other primary blocks. Then, add several smaller squares of other memorable fabrics, such as Christmas stockings, favorite hoodies, or a blankie they grew up with that is still tucked in the back of the closet.
  • The quilt doesn’t have to stop at the fabrics! Embellishing is a century’s old tradition for adding special little touches to quilts. Trace the outline of family member’s hands and highlight them with chain stitching, or pass around a marker for everyone to write a special message. For a modern spin on classic adornments, don’t stop with the embroidery. Use monofilament to sew down a shoelace from that favorite pair of sneakers, or the tassel from graduation.

Snaptotes customized quilt block prints take your quilting projects to a whole new level. Whether you’re making a small wall hanging, a throw for the sofa, or a king size coverlet, incorporating personalized blocks into the design brings an additional layer of warmth to every project. Printed on durable microfiber, each block is printed on our state of the art printer to reproduce each photo in brilliant clarity that won’t fade or bleed. Only the highest quality material and workmanship goes into each and every block. Just like the love you stitch into every quilt, each handmade quilt square holds a memory that can tell a story – and that story is your loved one.

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