Make Mornings a Breeze

At Snaptotes we love mornings. Curious about how other people start their day, I did a quick web search. The number of articles talking about how to master the morning routine numbered in the millions. Millions!

Our secret to happy mornings: Organization! Here’s a look at how we make our morning routine a breeze.

Wrangling Supplies

Lost keys, a missing phone, or a wandering watch can throw your morning into chaos. Even worse? Misplaced school supplies that lead to missed buses. Zip Pouch to the rescue! Fashioned from quality fabric, our Zip Pouch holds it all. The pouch comes in four different sizes, so you can choose “just the necessities” or “prepared like a scout.” Customize the outside with your favorite photo and then toss in your coins, ID, credit cards, and cash to create a one-of-a-kind go bag. Choose a larger size to keep those pens, pencils, erasers, and lunch money right where you need them. Mornings just got prettier and more organized!

Burning Energy

Hectic days require fuel. Healthy food is what keeps us going. Sadly, lunch breaks are short and unhealthy food is the easiest to grab. Not anymore! Our Lunch Satchel is not only gorgeous, it also makes it easy to take your lunch to work or school while you show off your unique style! Lisa said, “I used my kid’s artwork and I receive so many compliments about how unique it is.” The spacious insulated interior will keep your lunch the perfect temp. You can even fit in an afternoon snack! We added rolled handles you can hold in your hand or slip over your wrist for flexibility. Our Lunch Satchel is comfortable to carry, no matter how full your hands are when you head out the door.

Writing it Down

Got a checklist for your morning routine? We’ve got you covered! Create a personalized Journal to keep your important notes in one place. This Journal is the perfect size for meetings or school. The durable fabric exterior showcases your photography skills, while the 80 sheets of quality paper in the insert lets you track of all of your notes and lists. Want to go one further? Customized journals make great gifts for the busy bees in your life. Give your husband a journal with a pic of him catching that big wave this summer to remind him to have fun. Use a photo of your almost-graduate on their chosen college campus to help them get through the senior-year slump. Family photos are perfect for the grandparents. And for yourself? Add whatever makes you happiest!

Keeping it all Together

Need an easy way to carry everything? Toss it into a Backpack. The Snaptotes Backpack is made from durable, attractive fabric, and the entire front panel is waiting for your favorite image! It’s the perfect size to show off your photo of the Grand Canyon from last summer. Or maybe you’d prefer your son’s first steps or your daughter’s game-winning kick. The backpack is roomy enough for all of your essentials and a 13-inch laptop. The generous, padded shoulder straps are adjustable, so you will always have the perfect fit. Everyone, from student to executive, will enjoy carrying their essentials in this high-quality backpack.

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