Keepsake Boxes: A Perfect Treasure Chest For Your Memories

It's in our nature to hold on to small, tangible memories of events and adventures. Even the smallest scrap can retell an entire memory from it. The family vacation to the beach comes to life from a tiny seashell. The camping trip in the mountains awakens from a pinecone. The family trip to spend the summer with the grandparents from a coffeehouse receipt. What might seem like the tiniest tidbit can have hours of story-telling attached to it.

For moms and dads, grads and besties, nothing compares gift of a personalized Keepsake Box to keep all those cherished reminders and stories perfectly organized and safe for years to come.

  • Handprints. Noodle art. Little rocks from the camping trip or seashells from the family vacation at the shore. Each tiny gift from your child captures your heart in a unique way. With our Keepsake Boxes, you can keep all these little treasures together, safely tucked away for you to stroll down memory lane anytime you like.
  • Family gatherings and holidays are special and precious times. From photographs to collectible ornaments marking the event, there’s nothing like having all the family together. Imprinted with the family photo and the date, keeping those baubles and photos together make a wonderful gift for moms, grandmothers, aunts, and in-laws.
  • Anyone who has a pet knows that those four-legged furballs are part of the family, too! From the moment you bring in the fluffy kitten or playful pup, or even a more senior member from the local rescue shelter, they are just as precious and loved as any of your children. And you keep all their little memories. Adorned with their picture, our Keepsake Boxes are the purrrrrfect for storing all those little keepsakes.
  • Memories of our loved ones live in our hearts forever. Celebrate their life and the cherished memorial vestiges in a special place. With their photo across the top, the Keepsake Box’s smooth velvet interior keeps all the photographs and other reminders safe and sound.
  • Keepsake boxes make the perfect gift box! Let our designers help you convert you child’s hand drawn Mother’s Day card or that graduation photo into the perfect cover, with all the colors brilliantly reproduced for a lifetime. Inside, tuck cards, graduation tassels and other small gifts – and don’t forget the chocolate! This gift box automatically becomes the holder of those treasures, and is guaranteed to win their heart.

Beginning with only the highest quality materials, each box is hand constructed in Sainte Geneviève, a quaint town in the Midwest, for a flawless finish. Your photograph is reproduced in exquisite detail to capture the rich colors for years to come. The sturdy construction and fully opening hinge lid are designed for a lifetime of opening and closing, and all surfaces of the interior are generously lined with the softest velvet to protect those priceless contents. Each Keepsake Box is handmade with our commitment to excellence, and is truly a work of art from our hearts to yours.



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