Keeping Your Memories Safe

I remember an old Christmas cookie tin my grandma kept tucked on the top shelf of her closet. I loved when she would pull down that tin and go through it with me. She’d tell a story about the seashell that still smelled like the ocean. She’d show me pictures from her childhood. There was a macaroni necklace, a few favorite marbles, a coin she’d found on her wedding day, vacation tokens, and lots of pictures. Each memory came with a story, and each story held a special place in her heart.

What special keepsakes do you have tucked away? Do you keep them in an old tin like my grandma, or do display them in your home?

We want to help you preserve and show off your memories. Here are two or our suggestions as we approach the holiday season:

Keepsake Ornament

Christmas is fast approaching and our Keepsake Ornament is the perfect way to show off special memories. Hang it on your tree, from your mantle, or even make a special display of your very own.

The full grain leather ornament is an ideal surface to show off past Christmas memories, favorite family pictures, or whatever makes your heart happy. The ornament includes a ribbon for proudly displaying on your beautiful tree.

Quilt Block

Maybe you want to turn your memories into a project you can do with loved ones, or a gift for the special people in your life. Make a cozy quilt!

With our Quilt Blocks, you can create a lasting masterpiece out of childhood memories, old family photos, vacation memories, or even pictures of your favorite furry family members! Your image is printed on durable fabric, available in three different sizes for you to use in any creation your mind can think of!

Not what you are looking for? We have you covered! We offer personalized purses, wallets, bags, pillows, and hundreds of other items perfect for preserving your memories!

Customization Made Simple

Our favorite part of our products is the ability to personalize each one. We want you to have the perfect place to show off your memories, so we’ve created an easy to use, and highly customizable photo editor.

After you choose your item, and the size if needed, you are taken into the photo editor where you select a theme for your image. You can choose to use a full-size photo, a Moroccan monogram, or one of our 28 other theme options.

The next step is uploading your photo and adding the perfect touches! 

You can add a filter to your picture or use it as is. Need to add a little definition? Select from a variety of borders: thin and thick, different shapes, textures, colors, and even some that will change the shape of your photo or blur the edges. Want to add text to the image? No problem! We offer a diverse selection of fonts. You can change up the size, and even add outlines or change the font colors.

Can’t decide on just one photo? Our layout tool will help you add additional photos, so they all get to stand out! If you photo isn’t working in the theme you chose, you can choose another right in the editor window. You can also add clipart, something the kids especially love! Whatever features you choose, your picture remains the focal point.

Your photo, customized just the way you want, is reproduced in gorgeous detail and rich colors on your item. You truly create a work of art worthy of your precious memories.

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