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When - and why - did people start monogramming?

It’s been practiced for over two thousand years, encompassing every social and economic class from labor-class tradesmen to the most affluent monarchy, and every walk of life in between. They have graced peace treaties, currency, and livestock. From the most intricate and ornate designs, to the simple and stylish, the art of initialed monograms have been used throughout the centuries to create a personalized mark of ownership.

Here comes the bride: 

Monogramming has been a wedding practice for centuries, as a way of welcoming the new bride into the family and establishing her new identity. Traditionally, the three initials would stand for the groom’s name, the joined last name, and the bride’s name. Often, however, when it came to household items like towels or linens the bride’s initial would come first.

Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find the bride-centric linen monogramming, however it’s quite common for the couple to incorporate their monogram on the wedding invitations and favors – and even on the wedding cake.

Personal monogramming: 

Unlike bedazzling from the late 1990’s, monogramming personal items has been considered a tasteful art form for centuries. Whether the high class monogramming of a handkerchief or the initial tags on a child’s clothes as they go off to summer camp, monograms are still highly popular for personalizing items to keep them from getting lost or misplaced.

Guy stuff: 

for all their gruff exterior and insistence that monograms are for girls, there’s one place you’re guaranteed to see a guy’s monogram – although he’ll call it his trademark – and that’s on his golf stuff. If it has a surface, it will have a monogram. Clubs, bag, tees, and even the balls will all have his marking to keep them from getting lost or mixed in with other golfers’.


Initialing, along with fabric or patterning, are common forms of modern monogramming. The use of a single initial or symbol when used with a specific color or pattern have been linked to corporations as well as individuals.

Today, Snaptotes continues the timeless and stylish tradition of the monogram; a unique line of monogrammed products designed to be chic and coordinated for every aspect of your life. From our fun line of sporty baseball-inspired design to our sophisticated Moroccan motif to our wildly chic zebra print, you’re sure to be noticed wherever you go! Coordinate all your accessories; a wristlet keychain, a clutch, our famous hipster bag, or our wildly popular bucket bag. Durable fabrics, heavy duty hardware, and brilliant accents bring patterns and colors together in a way that’s as unique as you are.


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