Improving Your Instagram Photography

Tips and tweaks for the best Instagram pics

Instagram. The heart and soul of picture and video sharing across social networks. Gone are the dinosaur picture albums and printed pictures collected in a shoebox. From your smartphone to the cloud, your images are safe for years to come.

We all want to make our pictures the best they can be – and using our smartphones is no different. The professionals at Snaptotes have gathered a handful of our best suggestions for taking your Instagrams to the next level

  • Plan: Nothing compares to candid shots of giggling youngsters, or spur of the moment snapshots capturing an elusive rainbow or brilliant leaves when the sun peeks out and hits them just the right way. But if you’re planning to head out to the local zoo or State Park, consider the time, lighting, and other situations that can help elicit the best photographs.
  • Experiment: We all know the rule of thirds when it comes to photography. For an edgy twist, pay attention and include unconventional angles and dark / light patterns. Kick these photos up a notch with a monochrome setting for images that are out of this world.
  • There’s an(other) app for that: Using your smartphone to take pictures and videos is the new norm. But before you go for the factory photo enhancements, consider downloading a camera controls app from your play store. With these apps, controlling the function of your camera – say, exposure delay – opens the door for amazing photo opportunities.
  • Avoid the selfie: Somehow, the social media self-portraits – selfies – have transformed from smiling faces to duck lips and fish gapes. Take back the selfie and be part of the scenery and photograph. Use the camera’s timer to be a part of the photograph as a whole – not a fish out of water
  • Tell a story: You shouldn’t need a lot of words to explain your photo. With your pictures, let your images tell the stories – or better yet, let your follower’s imaginations take them on their own adventures through your pictures. An image in brilliant colors can convey enjoyment, while the same image in subdued or monochrome tones can elicit an emotional response.
  • Keep it private: In this digital age of Google maps and GPS, privacy is at a premium. Don’t take it for granted – or lightly. No matter what camera app you use for your images, always check all the privacy settings before taking or uploading pictures. Most cell phones have location tags set to default include GPS information of where a photograph was taken. That’s great for when you want to go back to that same spot where you snapped that amazing shot of the waterfall and colorful fall leaves. But it’s not so great when you’re posting family pictures to an open audience.

Sharing pictures has changed over the years, and social media and Instagram takes sharing experiences and photographs to a whole new level – and audience.

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