How to Get Kids to Look at the Camera During a Photoshoot

Props, tips and tricks to get your little ones grinning (and attentive)

Our little ones grow up so fast. One moment you’re changing diapers and warming formula, you blink and suddenly they’re in a cap and gown with diploma in hand. One way to hold on to those precious years is with pictures – lots and lots of pictures!

Capturing the perfect shots of your little angels can sometimes be tricky, especially when trying to wrangle the little ones for portraits or photoshoots. With a few tips, a couple of props, and a dash of patience, you can take amazing pictures that capture the unique personality of your little ones in a most memorable way.

  • They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and it’s certainly true when it comes to our kids. Those large, expressive eyes sparkle with laughter and mischief. When taking pictures of the young ones, focusing on their eyes will draw out the emotion of the moment and keep the rest of the photo in perspective.
  • Everyone is looking for the secret to the perfect portrait shots for babies. Whether they’re sitting up or laying down, there’s one surefire way to coax that amazing shot out of your precious bundle – and it’s a lot simpler than you might think. With your camera or cell phone in one hand, hold up their favorite plush toy or binky in the other. Their eyes will follow the object, and you’re on your way to a remarkable portrait.
  • For shots with a unique perspective, try taking them from your child’s level. When you lay on the ground – especially outside – the perspective shift makes for incredible photos. Grass poking up around a soccer ball or leaves fluttering around during autumn play can add an astonishing amount of depth to a shot than from a higher angle.
  • We all love the subtle beauty of portraits – but memories are unleashed in the fun and play. With toys, games, or even the jungle-gym at the local park, use the action for creative and candid pictures of your children. Taking a series of shots in burst mode will allow you to capture smiles and facial expressions as they interact with each other.

When corralling your kids together for pictures don’t forget the four-legged ones! Our pets are just as much part of the family, so don’t leave them out. The kitty snuggled up to the baby or faithful family dog playing tag with the toddlers, no family pictures are complete without our furbabies.

You’ve got the picture perfect shot – now what? With custom photo products from ornaments to pillows to wallets, Snaptotes can match the perfect product with the perfect picture! Simply check out the product catalog and let us know if we can help you create a customized product that will last for years to come in a unique and memorable way.

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