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Your home is a reflection of you. Every color, every fabric, every surface is a reflection of you and your family. Bring an extra personalized touch to your décor with touches that are elegant and practical – and entirely you.

Christmas Ornaments: 

Holidays bring family and friends together like no other time of the year. Even if you can't be together, you can still share the holidays, thanks to our personalized Christmas Ornaments. Handmade from high quality genuine leather with a silky ribbon for hanging on the tree, garland, or at the office, this keepsake ornament is perfect for sharing your baby's first Christmas, graduation photos, or any special moment you'd like to share.

Essential Oils: 

Fragrant oils are an excellent way to naturally add fragrance to your home. Whether you’re looking to enhance the seasons with pumpkin spice or apple pie scents, or an all-natural energy boost for those hectic days, essential oils bring aromas and calm to your home.

Keepsake Boxes: 

Everyone needs a special place for their treasures – and what’s more treasured than those handmade Mother’s Day cards or first grade finger paintings? Our keepsake boxes are perfectly designed for precious memory storage. Available in three sizes, and featuring your image printed on the top, the velvet lined interior will protect those precious memories. For an extra special touch, imprint each box with a different school photo to keep memories organized.

Quilt Blocks: 

Memories are the building blocks of life, stitching together friends and family, and wrapping around us in love. Bring this feeling to life with a homemade quilt, using blocks printed with your most important memories. Heirloom quilts are passed down from generation, each telling their own unique stories. This year, give the ultimate gift to your loved one in a personalized, handmade quilt.

Throw Pillows: 

Showcase family and friends, and all those fabulous memories through your home with our designer throw pillows. Fluffy enough to nestle into with a book and cup of cocoa on a winter day and sturdy enough to withstand an impromptu sibling pillow-fight, or snuggle up to family all year long with this custom printing of your favorite images.

Valet Tray:

Grace and sophistication are served up with our custom imprinted Valet Tray. Fashioned from beautiful top-grain leather, our snapable tray opens to lay perfectly flat for storing or on the go, and the corners come up to snap into a convenient tray. Your personalized image is printed in the center of the tray for a custom tray that has class. This hand crafted valet tray leaves a lasting impression as a key drop in the entryway, or a place to hold your jewelry.

When it comes to personalization, no one does it like Snaptotes. Highest quality materials, local artisans with decades of crafting trade experience, and an unsurpassed commitment to customer service are what set us apart. When it comes to personalized products for your home, trust Snaptotes with your precious memories.

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