From Casual to Candid: Capturing the Moments

Taking family photos on the fly.

The best photos are the spur of the moment ones, without thinking and capturing the action and excitement of the moment. A quick snap from the first day of school, capturing a flying tackle between brothers at a family reunion, or that perfectly-aimed snowball – the candid and unprepared shots bring out the beauty and joy of our life.

With a few adjustments to your standard settings, you can be ready for those moments that you don’t want to let slip by.

  • Avoid the zoom: Most of us instinctively want to zoom right in on the action, but that’s not always the best option. As a general rule, the closer you zoom into a subject, the lower the resolution of the final image. For the highest quality images and more editing options in the future, leave your camera at the standard zoom.
  • Hold the phone horizontally: Holding your phone in the vertical position is the most natural feeling – but when it comes to photos on the fly, you could be cutting out action and memories. Taking snaps in the horizontal mode not only allow you to capture your subject, but the surrounding action that tells the story.
  • Keep the lens clean: A quick swipe of the lens with your sleeve as you pull out your phone can make the difference between catching the love between the little kids and an unfocused and blurred photo. In other words – is that pic your favorite niece's ballet recital or it could be Bigfoot?
  • Vary the angle: Far and away the most popular way to take a pic is at level with the subject and click. But there’s a better way – and better results! By simply dropping to a lower angle and shooting up (or vice-versa) you have a whole new shot.
  • Enable grid shot: For the most striking and eye-catching images, most photographers use “the rule of thirds”; dividing your focus area into 3 boxes high and three boxes wide, with the primary focus at an intersection or along a line. But when shooting on the fly, who has time for composition? Just go into your on-board settings and engage the grid to be ready for those professional looking shots at a moment’s notice.
  • Get into the action: Taking pictures of the action is great – but the truly memorable images are the ones taken from inside the action. From the bottom of the pile of an impromptu football game with the gang or inside a fort with incoming snowballs, being in the action always has the best vantage – and the best shots.

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