Four Maternity Photo Ideas to Prep for Parenthood

Whether it’s your first or your fourth, there are few things in life can compare to the joyful anticipation and excitement of bringing home the new bundle of joy. From the initial doctor visit when you got the news, to picking out the nursery trim and preparing your hospital bag, every moment of these nine months your sole focus has been on getting ready for the big day. Take a few moments for mom to preserve these precious memories for a lifetime with some creative photography to bring the baby and family together, and maybe even adorn your new diaper bag—which you're definitely going to need.

1. Paint Something Precious

Belly painting has exploded in popularity in the last few years, becoming the stylish new way for baby gender reveals and announcements. Rather than the trendy mural of a globe or other professional painting and photographing, go for something more personal. Using safe finger paint, your belly is the perfect canvas for sweet notes in from daddy or big brother or sister—or even notes to grandma and grandpa from the baby. Your thoughts and feelings, words of wisdom, or even silly jokes during these months are all perfectly memorialized in the most unique way possible—and the photographs will be worth worth every bit of it when you and your little ones look back at them.

2. Boho Baby Bump

Nothing is more beautiful than a mom as she grows along, so why not make that the highlight it the shot? Comfortable fitting, long and flowing dresses are the perfect wardrobe for capturing mother-to-be. When considering outdoor locations for these shots, try snapping a few silhouettes against a sunset for something really breathtaking. A few drops in brightness or exposure will darken the silhouette and bring out the colors of the sky for an amazing final print that’s a perfect pregnant profile shot.

3. Family Feature

Family shots aren’t complete without the whole family! Whether you choose a formal setting, or an impromptu outing, when posing for pictures be sure to include dad and the other little ones. Remember that when it comes to the kids, candid shots are the best! And speaking of kids – don’t forget to include the four-legged family members, too! You can adorn them in a custom bandanawith your due date, or a message for the baby.

4. Embracing Your Roots

Pregnancy pictures are an opportunity to embrace your culture in a unique way. No matter your ethnicity, a photoshoot with the traditional clothing, or other articles of your heritage can help introduce your new family member to their history, and help you get back in touch with your roots. Bringing these traditions will help strengthen your family bond and pride in their ancestry, so why not start your little one off embracing his or her culture from early on?

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