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  • Forever in White

    Forever in White

    It’s finally here. Months of anticipation, followed by weeks of preparation. Soft candlelight and warm music. White lace and lilies. Silk ribbon and roses. It’s her wedding day, and the perfect day – and perfect lady – needs the perfect gift, that’s just as unique as she is. A gift that will withstand the march of time, capturing this precious day forever.

    • Baby Book: With each new turn of life, a new book is opened. Our stylish and elegant baby memory book is a keepsake that any new bride is sure to cherish. Each hand-crafted memory book is perfectly stitched in intricate detail from the finest genuine leather; the cover is available in tuxedo black or coffee bean brown. The interior pages are available in girly pink, baby boy blue, or a neutral green theme -- to tell a story that will be passed down for generations to come
    • Holiday Decorations: Start the first Christmas off right, with our exclusive line of Christmas ornaments and stockings! Our soft fabric stockings are the perfect size to hang on the mantle and stuff with trinkets and gifts. Rich leather and silky ribbon are the perfect touch for our hanging ornaments. Whether you choose pictures from the wedding day, or start a collection of families both near and far, these ornaments can be hung from a tree, garland, or hooks to decorate your office at work.
    • Tote for ease of travel: For the honeymoon – and shopping trips afterwards – nothing compares to the convenience of a good tote bag. Generous straps, durable materials, eye-popping lining fabric, and brilliant nickel hardware are at the heart of our Tote collection. From our boho chic large tote, with enough room to fit just about everything but the kitchen sink – with pockets and pouches to keep everything organized – to our sophisticated ring tote with its stylish chunky design, our totes are designed with both fashion and function in mind.
    • Monograms: All new brides have one unique characteristic in common – a new monogram. Our new Signature Collection takes a sophisticated spin on chic and fun prints with a flair that’s unique. From our stylish wristlet keychain and its bright nickel accents to our soft and durable checkbook covers, start your favorite new bride off in personalized style.
    • Valet tray: Nothing portrays elegance like a valet tray. Fashioned from beautiful full-grain leather, our snapable valet opens to lie perfectly flat for storing or on the go, and the corners come up to snap into a convenient holder to keep all your personal items organized while traveling. The center is fully customizable with a cherished photo, monogram, or a graphic collage for true one-of-a-kind customization. This handcrafted valet tray leaves a lasting impression as a key drop in the entryway or a jewelry holder in your bedroom.

    Our friends, our sisters, our aunts – these ladies are special people, and their special day is filled with unforgettable memories. Let Snaptotes capture those memories in a way that will keep them as fresh as her white lilies and roses.


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