Essential Travel Gear: Springbreak

Dreams of vacationing under sunny skies are just around the corner — now it's the time to start planning what you need for essential travel gear over Spring break.

If you've ever taken a family trip or know someone with extensive traveling experience, they will be quick to clue you in on the importance of proper planning. Even though you may not have a luxury cruise for two or first class tickets bound for Waikiki, we can guarantee you'll have the top notchgear with you.

Papers, Please

No trip across the border is complete without a passport. You’ve waited a lifetime for this vacation, so it’s only fitting that your very first stamp should be kept safe for years to come with a passport cover. Our genuine full grain leather passport covers are machine stitched and quality inspected by our team of expert craftspeople. Featuring two interior slots, it's got room to store papers and boarding passes in addition to your passport, while the exterior is custom designed with your own photo printed in brilliant color.

Luggage Nightmares

In our grab-and-go world of rushing from point A to point B, nothing brings life to a grinding halt like finding yourself at the carousel with the wrong bag. A customizable Bag Tag for your large bags will help you spot your luggage further away and keep mix-ups from happening. For those carry-on backpacks and duffel bags we've got a smaller Square Bag Tag. Both feature an I.D. slot and 7 inchadjustable strap. Our unique printing process brings your treasured photo option front and center with crisp imagery to give you a one of a kind luggage tag that lasts for years.

The Essentials

A chic make-up bag is a girl’s best traveling companion – and our makeup bag is guaranteed to be your new traveling bestie. The top features a sturdy zipper closure while the polished nickel swivel clip lets you attach it to any bag or suitcase. The soft yet durable fabric can be imprinted on one or both sides for the perfect travel kit.

The Snaptotes Dopp Kit for the guys bag features sturdy microfiber construction with a zipper enclosure and spacious interior for your personal hygiene needs and the personalized photo on the outside keeps friends and family with you on every adventure.

Travel Pills Cases are a necessity during vacations, not to mention medication is often easy to forget. Our travel pill case are perfect for keeping prescription medication in personal handbags safe and secure. It has room to fit 3 BPA-free bottles, each with their own compartment.

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Credit cards are the way of the world these days. To keep you organized, we’ve engineered this swivel Card Carrier capable of holding up to eight of your favorite cards in one convenient location. We can even print your prize photo flawlessly on the front.

Whatever your travel needs, Snaptotes has you covered. Take a look through our travel section to help you with some ideas for your next vacation!

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