Decorating Outside The Box

Unconventional - and dynamic - holiday decorating ideas

The long warm days are slowly giving way to cooler nights. The sun isn’t rising as high and is setting earlier. The bright greenery is giving way to the brilliant colors of Fall. Soon, the Holidays will be upon us.

Nothing brings out the fun and festivity of decorating for the holidays. But rather than pulling out the garland, add some personal – and unique – touches around your home to bring back the warmth of holidays shared with family and friends

Photo Pillows:

Add a splash of festive fun with holiday throw pillows! From the family pet with a Santa hat to a family reunion in front of the Christmas tree, our hypoallergenic throw pillows and chic pallets of colors transform any space with a splash of the holidays with warmth that only those special memories can bring.

Quilt Blocks:

A subtle touch of the colors of the seasons mixed with loved ones and memories and then stitched together with love – no matter where you are, bring the holidays with you! Order custom photo quilt blocks for your next creation here.

Office Accessories:

Even when keeping within protocol, cubicles don’t have to be boring! With our office accessories, you can bring in the holidays in a subtle yet personal way that will keep you warm, even during the office thermostat wars. Our mousepads are made from high quality neoprene to bring your workspace to life with your favorite family holiday gathering. For a little more hands-on fun, add your favorite winter photo to our mini beanbag desk weights and transform from paper-holders to throw toy and back in an instant!

Kitchen Products:

Homework and cookies, family dinners and discussions. Your kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. Bring in a subtle splash of the season – and inspirational memories – with our line of kitchen accessories! Our soft microfiber tea towel is perfect for wiping flour off funny faces, and your image is guaranteed not to fade. When it comes to pulling out the holiday pies, you can’t go wrong with double-backed neoprene pot holders. Even your four-legged kid can get into the holidays with their personalized pet mat! All of our kitchen accessories feature the highest quality materials and incorporate our specialized printing technique to bring the truest colors to life.

Holiday ornaments:

Our stylish holiday ornaments aren’t just for trees! Whether you choose to add music, our delightful leather Holiday Ornaments are the perfect little accessory to tuck around the home.

Snaptotes brings the perfect sprinkle of magic to the holidays to keep the precious memories with you, every day.

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