Crop Like a Pro

It was such an amazing day full of fun and excitement, friends and family. There were dozens of images you snapped to make sure you could capture that special moment in time and preserve it forever.

Every now and then, even the best photos can take on a new dimension with a few tweaks; we’ve gathered a few of the easiest edits that can make a huge difference in your photographs.

  • What’s black and white and contemporary all over? From a foggy morning landscape to the concrete jungle of the city, converting a shot from color to black and white can create a completely new – and edgy – photograph. This two-second change to create dramatic results can easily be done one of two ways: first you could change the picture to BW in the editing panel of any camera or editing app. Secondly, you could go into the edit mode, choose “saturation,” and slide it all the way to the bottom. This will remove all the color from the picture without making any changes to the contrast or brightness.
  • Follow the rule of thirds. If you skipped this rule when snapping, then try to keep it in mind while cropping. Cut the vertical and horizontal into thirds, and use the imaginary lines and intersections for the primary subject – for example, you would have the horizon of a spectacular sunset aligned on the upper third or lower third – rather than directly through the center.
  • The “auto” setting is your friend – don’t hesitate to use it! Sometimes a photo needs a little tweak, but you’re not really sure just what needs tweaking. Enter our good friend, “Auto Adjust." And like any good friend, the auto settings often times know just what you need. All you have to do is ask!
  • Have fun with filters! We’ve all played with the selfie filters on Snapchat®, but there are photo filters that can be applied to your photos to take them to the next level. Subtle color shifts can make a photo seem old and nostalgic, or add a light flare right where you need one. The possibilities are endless.
  • There’s an app for that. Whether you’re team android or team iPhone, there is an endless supply of amazing photo editing apps that are available for the download – and most of them are free! Take a wander through your app store and try out a couple to see what is a good fit for your preferences.
  • Go big – then go home and crop. As a good rule of thumb, your images will retain more resolution if you capture them in wide-angle then crop them down to your liking, rather than zooming in on the subject. Plus, it allows you to play around shifting where you have the primary subject of the shot for more attention-grabbing final results.

Have fun experimenting with your photographs to get just that right look, and remember Snaptotes products to showcase your prized memories with personalized photo products that you will cherish forever.


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