Crib to College; the Forever Keepsake

Baby smiles and first steps. First day at school. Summer camp, rock concerts, and high school friends. Diamond rings and white dresses.

These are the memories that have been cherished each and every day, from that first day you brought your beautiful little bundle home. Every laugh, every tear, every hug – every moment that makes life beautiful. But how to cherish and share them, in the most unique and cherished way?

Coupling your memories with advice and assistance from our professional designers can convert those memories into quilt blocks that make for a highly personalized and prized keepsake that the receiver will cherish and share every day.

  • College Sendoff:


     Graduation came and went in a whirlwind, and it’s time to pack for college – but with the huge collection of concert t-shirts and game jerseys, not to mention the pile of photos with all their friends – what gets left behind? Starting with our 10” photo blocks, matching them with 10” squares cut from the face of the t-shirts, create an awesome gift that lets them bring all their high school memories to college, and beyond.

  • Grandparent Gift:

     We all know that there’s no better gift you can give your parents than a grandchild. Hugs and giggles and squeals of “Nana” and “Papa” warm their hearts in such a special way. But if miles keep the visits few and far between, surprise them with a photo quilt of that apple of their eye. A day throw, with coordinated throw pillows, allows them to wrap up in those special hugs any day of the year.

  • Wedding Day:

     From the first date to popping the question – and now they’re starting a new life together. Celebrate those moments with an amazing wedding gift of all their favorite photos – and don’t forget to include copies of their announcement and invitations. For an extra special touch, include several small, blank squares – then display the quilt at the reception, with a supply of permanent fabric-ink markers for the guests to sign and write wishes for the happy couple.

  • Summer Abroad:

     Nothing compares to a summer abroad in a foreign country. New sights, new sounds, new experiences and new friends. Armed with a box full of memorabilia and pictures, how do you bring it all together as impactful as the memories it generated? Our designers can offer advice for converting the tickets and other paper mementos into digital files, that can all be printed onto our durable fabric as well as the photos, to create a quilt that will last a lifetime.

From precious wedding gifts for the happy couple, to a priceless comforter for the empty nesters, to a treasured gift for the grandparents, or for no reason at all – these quilts are perhaps the most heartfelt and truly customized gift. Handmade from the heart, stitched with love, and interwoven with hopes and dreams – photo memory quilts celebrate all the special times in life, every day.


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