Canvas Prints: The Next Level of Wall Art

It’s the modern trend taking over interior design: Canvas Art. The breath taking images, the crisp lines, a simplistic, yet upwardly chic, way to display artwork and photography anywhere in your home or office.

So sit back and prepare to be inspired as we introduce you to the world of canvas prints!


Why Canvas?

Oh, there’s so many distinctive benefits of canvas for printing and displaying your images – where do we start?

  • Sizing:

    With sizes from 14”x11” up to 20”x24”, we have the perfect size for that striking engagement shot or that candid picture of spaghetti in your little tot’s hair.

  • Mounting:

    Each image is expertly gallery wrapped – the highest standard of canvas art – and individually 4-way stretched onto 1.5” thick stretcher bars. This adds overall support as well as visual strength to the hung image.

  • Printing:

    Our specialized printing process is the key to Snaptotes canvas prints. Keeping your images crisp and colors true at printing ensures years of beauty and life. You could choose to add a pop of color drawn by your little Picasso to the dining room, or bring a dash of last year’s trip to the ocean to the family room.

  • Hanging:

    Perhaps the best part – canvas prints can hang just about any place in your home. Using only the highest quality materials, our canvas prints can hang in the family room or in the bedroom – allowing for an artistic new level of home décor.


Where’s The Frame?

The distinguishing characteristic of canvas art over routine art is the lack of a traditional frame. While frames can unquestionably bring together a room or serve as a medium to blend styles, the minimalist feel of the border-less canvas reflects a simplistic elegance that matches today’s contemporary furniture and lifestyle. To add a dynamic element, a single photograph can be extension printed over several canvases to create a moderncentral focus point. Contact our designers to have all your questions answered – from choosing the best canvas size and image to exploring your options for multi-canvas prints.


Where’s The Edge?

Even before it’s hung, you will quickly notice that the image is wrapped around onto the edges of the canvas, stopping at the wall. This is carefully planned and well intended as a hallmark of canvas art. The crisp, architectural style of open space and minimalist edges that’s the benchmark of interior design in all modern homes has come to artwork – with an aesthetically stylish splash that will match any home décor.


What Can You Print?

We are so glad you asked! If you own an image, we can print it. From the amazing shot you took of your son’s field goal to the ethereal beauty of your wedding day – and every moment in between – we’re here to bring those precious memories to life.

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