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The Case (literally) for Bring Essential Oils with You


The fragrance of a rose on a quiet morning. The scent of orange blossoms on a summer afternoon. A field of lavender after a rainstorm. These familiar scents are nature’s release of the essential oils found in various parts of plants. From aromatic pleasure to healing properties, essential oils have been used for centuries, and are derived from 100% natural sources – the plants themselves.

If you’re headed out into the world, here’s just a sample of what essential oils can do for you;

Restoring Inner Peace During Stressful Times:

Essential oils aren’t just for making a room smell like paradise. Many oils have a natural, calming property that reduces both stress and anxiety. A growing trend can be seen in products and companies shifting away from chemicals and back to nature in the form of essential oils to combat negative emotions. Lavender and chamomile—both popular calming teas—are the forerunners that should be packed in every essential oil travel kit to maintain the mind and body.

An All-Natural Energy Boost:

For a spur of the moment energy boost that’s healthy and 100% natural, consider keeping peppermint oil with you. In addition to fighting fatigue with its invigorating aroma, it gives the body a little extra kick start by increasing the brain’s oxygen level.

Relieve Tension Headaches:

There’s never been a time when you're out and about and wish you didn't have something to help a sudden headache. Brought on by stress, fatigue, or allergies, tension headaches demand your immediate attention. Essential oils work naturally to relieve the causes of tension headaches and getting rid of the pain—without a concoction of anti-inflammatories.

Air Quality and Freshener:

You probably know the most common use of essential oils is as an air freshener—but you may not know that these oils can also detoxify and clean the air. From the antimicrobial properties of cinnamon to the ability of eucalyptus to dispel lingering fumes, you can depend on oils to clear out the odor, not just cover it up.

Immunity Enhancement:

It seems like whenever you travel, you always wind up near someone with a cough or sniffle. The antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties of many essential oils make them the perfect traveling companion. Oregano has immune-boosting and antiviral effects, while myrrh is a powerful antioxidant.

Our exclusive, personalized essential oil case is the perfect way to bring your favorite oils wherever you go. It's built to last with resilient materials, and has unlimited decorating possibilities with a custom image printed on top. Keep your bottles safe in the fully padded case with a zippered top closure, and not to mention handcrafted quality from the heart of the midwest.

If you’re traveling with essential oils, keep the TSA regulations in mind that limit the total number of 3-ounce vials of liquid in your carry-on you bring on the flight. Alternatively, because the case is soft and padded you can pack them in your checked baggage without worry.

Whether across the state, across the country, or across the world – your favorite scents can accompany you, and bring a sense of home to wherever you are.

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