Best in Class

From the moment of birth, life is filled with special moments and accomplishments. Those tentative first steps, the first day of school, making the sports team, graduation and all of the significant milestones that are marked by celebration of the hard work and dedication – all brought to life by pictures. Your pride and joy shows through for all to see.

With a few tweaks and a little creativity, you can take photographs that will embrace your cherished memories – and bring them back in a heartbeat.

  • You’ve encouraged each other and had each other’s backs all through school – so it’s only fitting to include your bestie in your shots! Grab your graduation garb and snag your buds to get snapshots at all your favorite hangouts!
  • Nothing breaks the serious mood of traditional graduation pictures like silly faces. So break out the goofy grins and crossed eyes and have a blast! Don’t forget to rope your classmates in on the fun for a memorable group shot.
  • When posing for formal portraits, a side or three-quarter facing adds a dignified touch of class to an otherwise ceremonial graduation picture.
  • Incorporate your passion into your shots with subtle props. Holding the object you've mastered (a football, tennis racket, instrument, etc.) while posing in your cap and gown will show others your personality in a way that’s classy and creative.
  • Zoom in on the tassel for an elemental – and memorable – photographic record of your accomplishments.
  • Candid shots rock, so bring it on! Friends, family, and even the family pet can add the extra elements that bring the shots to life.
  • Backgrounds can speak volumes without saying anything – bridges or tracks make a statement of moving into the future whereas grassy paths speak of quiet contemplation.
  • Don’t forget the buildings that built you! Photos that incorporate the various structures, signs, statuary and artwork of your life add memorable elements that will keep the day alive.
  • Consider skipping the cap and gown for a less formal shot in your team jersey or other favorite uniform for a picture that shows off your school spirit.
  • Action brings life to any photograph – an athletic dunk, a perfect pigskin spiral, or a swing at the tee can create a unique image with breathtaking results.
  • Post-shot editing can add a completely new dimension to your shots. Shifting to black and white – or sepia – is super easy and can create a dynamic photograph that’s irreplaceable.
  • Merge all your styles in one shot with your favorite outfit with your cap and tassel for a fresh photo for the ages.
  • Don’t forget the diploma! Hold it high up in triumph, or closer in reverence. Your diploma is the result of your hard work and should share the spotlight.

No matter your style, Snaptotes’ photo products keep your special memories alive and with you every day. Your graduation photos are unique moments as you start out on a new and exciting path of life that you want to share with family and friends for years to come.

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