Back to School

Summer is soon coming to a close and the excitement is growing – it’s almost time to go back to go school!

From kindergarten to college, Snaptotes is here to help combine the back to school necessities with those cherished memories, a combination that will be the prized possessions for scholars of any age.

The Essentials for Back to School

Lunch totes are for all ages! From preschool to high school, need a lunch bag that will keep their food hot or cold for hours, and our lunch tote fits the bill to a tee. Starting with the highest quality double-backed neoprene for exceptional insulation, each one of our lunch totes are handmade in the heart of the Midwest. Your favorite image is printed directly onto the neoprene in vivid color for added personalization and permanence, for a lunch tote that’s never going to get lost in the crowd.

Nothing beats a snugly warm, hand stitched quilt for little ones to snuggle into during nap breaks. Made with love and skill, incorporating strips of precious fabric from old shirts and other patterns, your workmanship is truly one of a kind. Our unique printing process takes your images and converts them into memory blocks are the perfect accent squares for your homemade quilt. Available in six, eight, and ten inch squares, create a masterpiece that will last all school year long, interwoven with love, hugs, and memories-.

When it comes to hauling books, get your middle schooler off to the right start with one of our backpacks. Our lines of backpacks feature several styles for every need. The modern drawstring pack goes anywhere at the drop of a hat, while the urbane cinch that can be slung over one arm or across your shoulders. Our newest addition, with full shoulder straps and pockets galore, is roomy enough for a netbook and all your other essentials for on the go to the office or school.

Adolescents and teenagers have one thing in common: they love to write in their diary. For your middle or high school student, consider a new Journal to get the new school year off to a good start. Our personalized journal holds stock paper pads, making changing them out a breeze. Our specialized printing method will print your image directly onto the leather cover, for a personalization that’s truly one of a kind.

No matter their age, our kids don’t leave the house without at one piece of technology. Our tech sleeves will protect their cell phones, eReaders, or tablets in sophistication and safety. Our wide range of sleeves and pouches are each handmade, using double backed neoprene, microfiber, and full grain with your personal image printed directly onto the material. Never get your bag or sleeve mixed up with another again!

Capture summer memories for the kids of all ages to take back to school. With Snaptotes, personalized photo products are a great way to keep the summer fun alive all year long.

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