At Home Summer Activities for Kids

Fun activities for the kids this summer without traveling

Summer has finally arrived. From sunrise to sunset, the long sunny days are filled with laughter and fun. The night skies are dotted with flickering lightening bugs and falling stars.

Summer vacation brings relaxation and adventure, recharging batteries and spending time with family and friends. But entertaining the kids doesn’t have to be heading out of town or video gamesall day. We’ve put together some of the most entertaining ways to keep the kids occupied this summer without breaking the bank.

  • Arts and crafts are the traditional summertime activity. Put a contemporary spin on the crafts by combining traditional ideas with a twist. 
    • Finger painting takes on a modern edge by diluting the paint and filling up waterguns from your local dollar store. Add a blank canvas and you’re ready to create some summertime fun and wall-worthy artwork.
    • Put a new twist on friendship bracelets by making family bracelets! With beads, charms, and brightly colored yarn and twine the kids will be entertained for hours making bracelets to gift and exchange with other family members.
  • Most of us don’t consider it summer until the flowers are planted and the beds are mulched. Seedling tomato plants that got their start in the kitchen over the winter are ready to be transplanted. A Saturday afternoon spent at the local big-box building supply store picking out colorful annuals to brighten the planter boxes. Teach the young ones the benefits of growing vegetables that are GMO-free and purely delicious. Perennials and annuals become a blaze of colors that can be proudly displayed across social media. Whether flowers or vegetables, gardening can be fun and rewarding for the whole family.
  • Hunting for buried treasure is a sure-fire way to keep the kids occupied for hours. With so many options to choose from, the kids will never realize they’re keeping their brains active and engaged. 
    • Good old fashioned maps are the most popular method for hunting down treasure. Limited only by your imagination, these maps can be as simple or as detailed and complicated as you need. For the smaller ones, keep it simple and colorful with easy to understand pictures. For older kids, consider cryptic clues that lead to multiple points before they reach their reward.
    • A modern treasure hunt is geocaching. Using your cell phone and one of a number of apps downloaded from your favorite app store, geocaching uses GPS to locate items hidden all over the country, by people from all over the country. From parks to strip malls, the caches are cleverly hidden and the perfect treasure hunt for older kids.
    • Camera phones are a clever way to send photographic clues to each other while hunting for treasures. Hide them in selfies or cleverly disguised with filters to keep the kids guessing all the way to the prize.

Spending time with family this summer will create memories that will last a lifetime, and incorporating activities that have them engaged with family and stimulated will make the memories even sweeter.

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