2018 Best Photo and Storage Apps

There’s nothing like having a cell phone at the ready for the moment shots. Dinner with your girlies, an afternoon ball game with the guys, joyous reunions with family. Even with the miracles of modern technology and the ever-growing capacity of removable storage media, we need to know that our precious photos are safe from accidental deletion or falling victim to lost memory cards.

We’ve gathered a collection of the best photo-storage apps available for your electronic devices to keep all those images safe and easy to access when on the go.

  • Amazon Prime Photos: It’s been joked that given enough time, Amazon will rule the world. We don’t know about that yet, but we do know that everything Amazon is streamlined for ease of customer use – and Amazon Prime Photos is not different. Sleek and ready to use, Amazon Prime Photo has cut out the frills and opted for a sleek and easy to navigate platform for storage of photos, viewable from any device with an internet connection.
  • Apple iCloud: For anyone using Apple product, the iCloud Photo is the clear choice. Another cloud-based photo storage application, the magic is in the optimized cataloging, which allows the user to quickly surf through hundreds of images to locate that specific shot. Online editing tools are a snap to use, and sharing and collaborating on albums with family and friends make sharing a snap.
  • Dropbox: When it comes to storage of files of any type, Dropbox is a simple storing and sharing platform that gets it done. With a file tree layout mirroring the standard file explorer, managing photos is about as simple as it gets, but without any of the fancy cataloging or editing software.
  • Flickr: Considered the original photo storage app, Flickr has evolved with the technology to remain a powerhouse photo and video storage and editing platform. From simplistic and easily maneuverable cataloging of photos, to basic photo-editing tools, and the ability to share photos and videos across social media – or even within the Flickr community.
  • Google Photos: Google is synonymous with the latest internet technology, so it’s no surprise that not only have they entered the world of photo storage – but they’re excelling. Easily accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection, Google Photos easily backs up photos from your cell phone and automatically catalogs them for review and sharing. Photo enhancements, album creation, and even creating GIFs are all snap.
  • Photobucket: One of the newer storage apps, Photobucket not only stores photos, but allows them to be easily shared across a variety of the popular social medias – including embedding links. The included photo-editing platform is simple to use and rich with effects and filters.

Your photos are the story of you, so accessorize your present and future with the stories of your life. With personalized accessories and keepsakes made from the highest quality materials and an amazing photo transfer process, your memories – just like your loved ones – will never be far from you.


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