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What's In Your Beach Bag?

The ultimate beach bags and the accessories to go with them

othing says summer like a day at the beach. Bright sunshine sparkling off the ocean waves. Cool breezes and late night bonfires. Laughter and relaxation go hand-in-hand.

Just as important as getting to the beach is the bag you take with you – to make sure you have everything packed that you’ll need for a day of fun in the sun. When it comes to picking out the ultimate beach bay, try one of our famous totes:

  • Work-out bag by name but master packer by definition, this amazing tote has a split interior with zippered pockets, two elastic side pockets, a large outer compartment, and an interior hook to keep your keys right where you want them. Go from home to beach and back with style and organization!
  • When it comes to sheer capacity, our large tote is the master of the universe. With enough carrying room for towels, lotions, and everything else you need for a day of fun in the sun, you won’t be caught short anything on your day at the beach.
  • No family trip with the little ones is complete without a diaper bag – and has Snaptotes got the definitive diaper bag. Generous size, large divided pockets, slip pockets, zippered interior pockets, dual bottle pockets, attached keyfob, and a changing pad to boot!

You’ve made it to the beach, but in addition to your bag (and the kids!) there are accessories you shouldn’t leave home without:

  • Two things you always keep close by are your smartphone and identification. The answer? Our adhesive wallet! This simple smartphone cover adheres to the back with a slot to keep ID and credit card safe while you text and surf.
  • Keeping your keys safe is a main concern while at the beach. Our keychains with their brilliant nickel plated hook attaches securely to keep your keys safe and close at hand without fear of them getting lost in the sand.
  • Our travel pill case is a hidden gem! This padded case zippers closed and comes with three empty bottles to fill with your lotions or coins – or sand and seashell souvenir’s!
  • Koozies are a beach-goers best friend! Whether you choose the standard can koozie, tall bottle koozie, or our wine koozie, which is the perfect size for larger water bottles, keep the drinks cold all day long with our double-backed neoprene koozies for every member of the family.
  • Kids try to bring home everything from the beach. A growing pile of shells, rocks, and twigs can quickly overtake your little patch of paradise and your little one can’t bear to part with even one. Let the kids have their treasures by giving each one their own drawstring backpack to collect and haul their loot.

Be the best looking and best prepared at the beach with Snaptotes custom products. High quality American-made leathers, smooth microfiber, double-backed neoprene, and brilliant nickel hardware come together with skilled artisans and fresh designs to make all our products and accessories the most fashionable and convenient, no matter where the summer takes you.

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At Home Summer Activities for Kids

Fun activities for the kids this summer without traveling

Summer has finally arrived. From sunrise to sunset, the long sunny days are filled with laughter and fun. The night skies are dotted with flickering lightening bugs and falling stars.

Summer vacation brings relaxation and adventure, recharging batteries and spending time with family and friends. But entertaining the kids doesn’t have to be heading out of town or video games all day. We’ve put together some of the most entertaining ways to keep the kids occupied this summer without breaking the bank.

  • Arts and crafts are the traditional summertime activity. Put a contemporary spin on the crafts by combining traditional ideas with a twist.
    • Finger painting takes on a modern edge by diluting the paint and filling up waterguns from your local dollar store. Add a blank canvas and you’re ready to create some summertime fun and wall-worthy artwork.
    • Put a new twist on friendship bracelets by making family bracelets! With beads, charms, and brightly colored yarn and twine the kids will be entertained for hours making bracelets to gift and exchange with other family members.
  • Most of us don’t consider it summer until the flowers are planted and the beds are mulched. Seedling tomato plants that got their start in the kitchen over the winter are ready to be transplanted. A Saturday afternoon spent at the local big-box building supply store picking out colorful annuals to brighten the planter boxes. Teach the young ones the benefits of growing vegetables that are GMO-free and purely delicious. Perennials and annuals become a blaze of colors that can be proudly displayed across social media. Whether flowers or vegetables, gardening can be fun and rewarding for the whole family.
  • Hunting for buried treasure is a sure-fire way to keep the kids occupied for hours. With so many options to choose from, the kids will never realize they’re keeping their brains active and engaged.
    • Good old fashioned maps are the most popular method for hunting down treasure. Limited only by your imagination, these maps can be as simple or as detailed and complicated as you need. For the smaller ones, keep it simple and colorful with easy to understand pictures. For older kids, consider cryptic clues that lead to multiple points before they reach their reward.
    • A modern treasure hunt is geocaching. Using your cell phone and one of a number of apps downloaded from your favorite app store, geocaching uses GPS to locate items hidden all over the country, by people from all over the country. From parks to strip malls, the caches are cleverly hidden and the perfect treasure hunt for older kids.
    • Camera phones are a clever way to send photographic clues to each other while hunting for treasures. Hide them in selfies or cleverly disguised with filters to keep the kids guessing all the way to the prize.

Spending time with family this summer will create memories that will last a lifetime, and incorporating activities that have them engaged with family and stimulated will make the memories even sweeter.

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How to Get Kids to Look at the Camera During a Photoshoot

Props, tips and tricks to get your little ones grinning (and attentive)

Our little ones grow up so fast. One moment you’re changing diapers and warming formula, you blink and suddenly they’re in a cap and gown with diploma in hand. One way to hold on to those precious years is with pictures – lots and lots of pictures!

Capturing the perfect shots of your little angels can sometimes be tricky, especially when trying to wrangle the little ones for portraits or photoshoots. With a few tips, a couple of props, and a dash of patience, you can take amazing pictures that capture the unique personality of your little ones in a most memorable way.

  • They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and it’s certainly true when it comes to our kids. Those large, expressive eyes sparkle with laughter and mischief. When taking pictures of the young ones, focusing on their eyes will draw out the emotion of the moment and keep the rest of the photo in perspective.
  • Everyone is looking for the secret to the perfect portrait shots for babies. Whether they’re sitting up or laying down, there’s one surefire way to coax that amazing shot out of your precious bundle – and it’s a lot simpler than you might think. With your camera or cell phone in one hand, hold up their favorite plush toy or binky in the other. Their eyes will follow the object, and you’re on your way to a remarkable portrait.
  • For shots with a unique perspective, try taking them from your child’s level. When you lay on the ground – especially outside – the perspective shift makes for incredible photos. Grass poking up around a soccer ball or leaves fluttering around during autumn play can add an astonishing amount of depth to a shot than from a higher angle.
  • We all love the subtle beauty of portraits – but memories are unleashed in the fun and play. With toys, games, or even the jungle-gym at the local park, use the action for creative and candid pictures of your children. Taking a series of shots in burst mode will allow you to capture smiles and facial expressions as they interact with each other.

When corralling your kids together for pictures don’t forget the four-legged ones! Our pets are just as much part of the family, so don’t leave them out. The kitty snuggled up to the baby or faithful family dog playing tag with the toddlers, no family pictures are complete without our furbabies.

You’ve got the picture perfect shot – now what? With custom photo products from ornaments to pillows to wallets, Snaptotes can match the perfect product with the perfect picture! Simply check out the product catalog and let us know if we can help you create a customized product that will last for years to come in a unique and memorable way.

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How To Choose a Wallet

Find out which type of wallet is best for your lifestyle, then customize it to make it your own!

You have a busy life, with no intentions of slowing down. From the office to the market to the hottest night spot, you need a wallet that balances fashion and organization – and matches your personality, too! With a wide assortment of styles for the guys as well as the ladies that are customizable with brilliant, true-color photo printing, you’re guaranteed to find a wallet that’s a perfect match.

For the ladies, it’s all about the fashion. Rich materials, brilliant hardware, and a fashionable flair is the way to a ladies heart.

  • Contemporary: The latest style and custom image imprinting are a recipe for fashion success with our zip around wallet. Starting with full grain leather in your choice of four contemporary shades, add a three-quarter zipper for security, and then mix in numerous credit and ID slots, a bill compartment, a sleeve for your checkbook, and a pen loop for all come together with a sweet frosting of your favorite image.
  • Casual: Stay organized without losing your stylish flair with our trendy phone wrist wallet. This photo wallet defies all boundaries and since it’s available in grey or black leather, it’s sure to be your favorite fashion accessory. The three-quarter perimeter zipper allows this wallet to open like a book, with a clear ID pocket and credit card slots, and a pocket that's designed to tuck your smartphone into. The wrist strap is accented with a nickel plated clasp that can be worn around the wrist — or removed and used as a standard wallet.
  • Minimalist: Small and sassy, the small framed wallet holds five credit or store cards and a clear window makes easy access to your ID. Nickel plated edges and hinges snaps closed for extra security. Handmade in the USA with your choice of high quality leather or microfiber, this wallet easily tucks into a pocket or clutch for convenience, or grab-n-go for everyday use.

For the guys it’s all about the function. Minimal size and simple organization is all a guy really needs.

  • Bifold: The classic bifold wallet is a staple of guys everywhere. Kick it up to the next level with our genuine American made, natural brown leather that holds up to the roughest use. Our bifold wallet holds six credit cards, plus a clear ID pocket, and a divided compartment to hold bills and receipts. The richness of leather is irresistible, and knowing it's handmade in the heart of the Midwest will ensure it's place in his heart – and pocket – forever.
  • Casual: Simplicity at it’s best; our new casual wallet is the epitome of durability. From the tough microfiber construction, durable stitching, and industrial-strength velcro closure, this wallet is secure and sits comfortably in his pocket. Four slip-in slots hold ID and cards, and the full-size bill compartment holds his cash securely.

Remember you don’t have to settle for just one wallet. Mixing styles and photos allows you to have custom wallets for every season or occasion!

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Packing the Perfect Travel Bag With Kids

Essential items for keeping kids busy and entertained, being prepared when on vacation.

The long winter has finally given way to spring. And a few short months later will come what you’ve been waiting for – summer vacation. All across the country, families are putting the finishing details on their plans for hitting the road for a great adventure.

Traveling with the family makes for amazing memories. The great spacious National Parks bring you up close to nature for a once in a lifetime experience. The bright lights of the big city are rich with shopping and culture. Waterparks and theme parks are a family destination where magical dreams come true.

With some planning – and help from Snaptotes – keeping the family busy and entertained while on long rides is simpler than you might think. Be prepared for whatever your travels throw your way with a few subtle hacks and personalized products from Snaptotes.

Diaper bags are a must when traveling with little ones. Diapers, wipes, and more are all items you cannot venture away from home without. With dividers, pockets, hooks for your keys, and side pouches for bottles, a diaper bag from Snaptotes is an accessory that will take you where you need to go, and back home again, in style and convenience.

  • Snaptotes suggests: Diaper bags aren’t just for babies! With it’s generous size, numerous pockets, and ease of carry, you can pack everything you need from snacks to games to keep the whole family entertained for hours on end!

Giving the kids some responsibility for their belongings, snacks, or souvenirs is a snap! Make sure each kid — and even the adults — has their own drawstring backpack that they pack whatever they want for the travel. Organizing snacks and boredom-fighters has never been easier — and keeping the wrappers and clutter together is a breeze!

  • Snaptotes suggests: Don’t forget the furbabies! Our drawstring backpack is the perfect size for a travel bowl, several bottles of water, and a few Ziploc baggies of kibble.

Electronics are an essential for road trip entertainment. Laptops for checking email and catching up on work, tablets for movies, and smartphones for games and selfies are a must. Keeping the electronics, DVDs, cords, and charging cables together and organized is a snap with our techie messenger bag.

  • Snaptotes suggests: Pack an electronic bag with chargers and DVDs to always have for an impromptu road trip and never fear the low battery signal!

Keeping cool and hydrated during vacation is a must . Keep your beverages cool and leak-free while traveling in the car with our koozies! Designed for bottles or cans, our neoprene koozies keep the drinks cool and the car dry — and the kids hydrated.

  • Snaptotes suggests: Koozies are a great keepsake for family reunions!

Photos bring your experiences and memories back to life. From chic canvas are to pet products and everything in between, Snaptotes creates personalized products to keep your beautiful memories with you — and create new ones.

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