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Home Decor 101

Elegant and personalized products for the home

Your home is a reflection of you. Every color, every fabric, every surface is a reflection of you and your family. Bring an extra personalized touch to your décor with touches that are elegant and practical – and entirely you.

Christmas Ornaments: 

Holidays bring family and friends together like no other time of the year. Even if you can't be together, you can still share the holidays, thanks to our personalized Christmas Ornaments. Handmade from high quality genuine leather with a silky ribbon for hanging on the tree, garland, or at the office, this keepsake ornament is perfect for sharing your baby's first Christmas, graduation photos, or any special moment you'd like to share.

Essential Oils: 

Fragrant oils are an excellent way to naturally add fragrance to your home. Whether you’re looking to enhance the seasons with pumpkin spice or apple pie scents, or an all-natural energy boost for those hectic days, essential oils bring aromas and calm to your home.

Keepsake Boxes: 

Everyone needs a special place for their treasures – and what’s more treasured than those handmade Mother’s Day cards or first grade finger paintings? Our keepsake boxes are perfectly designed for precious memory storage. Available in three sizes, and featuring your image printed on the top, the velvet lined interior will protect those precious memories. For an extra special touch, imprint each box with a different school photo to keep memories organized.

Quilt Blocks: 

Memories are the building blocks of life, stitching together friends and family, and wrapping around us in love. Bring this feeling to life with a homemade quilt, using blocks printed with your most important memories. Heirloom quilts are passed down from generation, each telling their own unique stories. This year, give the ultimate gift to your loved one in a personalized, handmade quilt.

Throw Pillows: 

Showcase family and friends, and all those fabulous memories through your home with our designer throw pillows. Fluffy enough to nestle into with a book and cup of cocoa on a winter day and sturdy enough to withstand an impromptu sibling pillow-fight, or snuggle up to family all year long with this custom printing of your favorite images.

Valet Tray:

Grace and sophistication are served up with our custom imprinted Valet Tray. Fashioned from beautiful top-grain leather, our snapable tray opens to lay perfectly flat for storing or on the go, and the corners come up to snap into a convenient tray. Your personalized image is printed in the center of the tray for a custom tray that has class. This hand crafted valet tray leaves a lasting impression as a key drop in the entryway, or a place to hold your jewelry.

When it comes to personalization, no one does it like Snaptotes. Highest quality materials, local artisans with decades of crafting trade experience, and an unsurpassed commitment to customer service are what set us apart. When it comes to personalized products for your home, trust Snaptotes with your precious memories.

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Have Camera, Will Travel

Safe travels with cameras, equipment, and film media

Traveling to various areas opens up diverse opportunities for photography, so never get caught unprepared. Avoid lost pics or damaged equipment with a few precautions when traveling.

Film or Digital: Understanding the difference


Digital cameras – whether hand held or smartphone – are considered the way of the future. With numerous apps that can be downloaded, in addition to the stock controls, there’s almost nothing that can’t be done with your smartphone. As an added bonus, traveling with your smartphone is a snap! No worry about extra chargers or running out of space – simply upload your photo to your cloud storage and continue.

Travel Tip: If you’re packing a compact digital camera and media, be sure that you bring spare batteries and charger, as well as extra media. For extended travel, consider investing a few dollars into a hand-held photo storage device, which can hold thousands of high resolution photographs.


Digital single lens reflex, or DSLR, is the best of the digital and manual film photography. Partnering the instant images and varying exposure and grain with the exposure and optics of manual photography brings picture taking to a whole new plateau. Before jumping into the world of DSLR, be sure you’re familiar with the basics of manual focus and exposure, as well as the use of digital media.

Travel Tip: Because of the delicate nature of the DSLR lenses, be sure to pack them carefully, to avoid jarring.


Traditionally, film is kept refrigerated until ready to use, to preserve freshness. With modern advancement it’s become debatable whether climate control is strictly necessary, but all the experts still agree that the film should be maintained at a constant, or gently varying, temperature. To pluck a canister of film from the fridge to the hot car, only to be returned to the refrigerator unused creates artifacts on the film from the condensation. If you plan on shooting dusk or night shots, be sure to instruct the developer not to cut the negatives. Returning the negatives intact to the canister not only ensures those pictures of the fireworks are not mis-cut, but it the perfect way to keep all the information about the photo shoot – and film used – in easy reach.

Travel Tip: When traveling by car, keep all your film in the conditioned space of the main car cabin. The temperature fluctuation in the trunk can be too severe, leading to artifacts and poor images.

Keeping your equipment safe and ready for use is the first and most important step in photography. But then what? With products from Canvas art to evening bags to pet supplies, Snaptotes professional design staff will aid you in sharing or showing off your images in the most fashionable ways.

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Calm on the Go

The Case (literally) for Bring Essential Oils with You

The fragrance of a rose on a quiet morning. The scent of orange blossoms on a summer afternoon. A field of lavender after a rainstorm. These familiar scents are nature’s release of the essential oils found in various parts of plants. From aromatic pleasure to healing properties, essential oils have been used for centuries, and are derived from 100% natural sources – the plants themselves.

If you’re headed out into the world, here’s just a sample of what essential oils can do for you;

Restoring Inner Peace During Stressful Times:

Essential oils aren’t just for making a room smell like paradise. Many oils have a natural, calming property that reduces both stress and anxiety. A growing trend can be seen in products and companies shifting away from chemicals and back to nature in the form of essential oils to combat negative emotions. Lavender and chamomile—both popular calming teas—are the forerunners that should be packed in every essential oil travel kit to maintain the mind and body.

An All-Natural Energy Boost:

For a spur of the moment energy boost that’s healthy and 100% natural, consider keeping peppermint oil with you. In addition to fighting fatigue with its invigorating aroma, it gives the body a little extra kick start by increasing the brain’s oxygen level.

Relieve Tension Headaches:

There’s never been a time when you're out and about and wish you didn't have something to help a sudden headache. Brought on by stress, fatigue, or allergies, tension headaches demand your immediate attention. Essential oils work naturally to relieve the causes of tension headaches and getting rid of the pain—without a concoction of anti-inflammatories.

Air Quality and Freshener:

You probably know the most common use of essential oils is as an air freshener—but you may not know that these oils can also detoxify and clean the air. From the antimicrobial properties of cinnamon to the ability of eucalyptus to dispel lingering fumes, you can depend on oils to clear out the odor, not just cover it up.

Immunity Enhancement:

It seems like whenever you travel, you always wind up near someone with a cough or sniffle. The antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties of many essential oils make them the perfect traveling companion. Oregano has immune-boosting and antiviral effects, while myrrh is a powerful antioxidant.

Our exclusive, personalized essential oil case is the perfect way to bring your favorite oils wherever you go. It's built to last with resilient materials, and has unlimited decorating possibilities with a custom image printed on top. Keep your bottles safe in the fully padded case with a zippered top closure, and not to mention handcrafted quality from the heart of the midwest.

If you’re traveling with essential oils, keep the TSA regulations in mind that limit the total number of 3-ounce vials of liquid in your carry-on you bring on the flight. Alternatively, because the case is soft and padded you can pack them in your checked baggage without worry.

Whether across the state, across the country, or across the world – your favorite scents can accompany you, and bring a sense of home to wherever you are.

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Back to School

The best of Snaptotes for heading back to school

Summer is soon coming to a close and the excitement is growing – it’s almost time to go back to go school!

From kindergarten to college, Snaptotes is here to help combine the back to school necessities with those cherished memories, a combination that will be the prized possessions for scholars of any age.

The Essentials for Back to School

Lunch totes are for all ages! From preschool to high school, need a lunch bag that will keep their food hot or cold for hours, and our lunch tote fits the bill to a tee. Starting with the highest quality double-backed neoprene for exceptional insulation, each one of our lunch totes are handmade in the heart of the Midwest. Your favorite image is printed directly onto the neoprene in vivid color for added personalization and permanence, for a lunch tote that’s never going to get lost in the crowd.

Nothing beats a snugly warm, hand stitched quilt for little ones to snuggle into during nap breaks. Made with love and skill, incorporating strips of precious fabric from old shirts and other patterns, your workmanship is truly one of a kind. Our unique printing process takes your images and converts them into memory blocks are the perfect accent squares for your homemade quilt. Available in six, eight, and ten inch squares, create a masterpiece that will last all school year long, interwoven with love, hugs, and memories-.

When it comes to hauling books, get your middle schooler off to the right start with one of our backpacks. Our lines of backpacks feature several styles for every need. The modern drawstring pack goes anywhere at the drop of a hat, while the urbane cinch that can be slung over one arm or across your shoulders. Our newest addition, with full shoulder straps and pockets galore, is roomy enough for a netbook and all your other essentials for on the go to the office or school.

Adolescents and teenagers have one thing in common: they love to write in their diary. For your middle or high school student, consider a new Journal to get the new school year off to a good start. Our personalized journal holds stock paper pads, making changing them out a breeze. Our specialized printing method will print your image directly onto the leather cover, for a personalization that’s truly one of a kind.

No matter their age, our kids don’t leave the house without at one piece of technology. Our tech sleeves will protect their cell phones, eReaders, or tablets in sophistication and safety. Our wide range of sleeves and pouches are each handmade, using double backed neoprene, microfiber, and full grain with your personal image printed directly onto the material. Never get your bag or sleeve mixed up with another again!

Capture summer memories for the kids of all ages to take back to school. With Snaptotes, personalized photo products are a great way to keep the summer fun alive all year long.

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​Four Maternity Photo Ideas to Prep for Parenthood

Whether it’s your first or your fourth, there are few things in life can compare to the joyful anticipation and excitement of bringing home the new bundle of joy. From the initial doctor visit when you got the news, to picking out the nursery trim and preparing your hospital bag, every moment of these nine months your sole focus has been on getting ready for the big day. Take a few moments for mom to preserve these precious memories for a lifetime with some creative photography to bring the baby and family together, and maybe even adorn your new diaper bag—which you're definitely going to need.

1. Paint Something Precious

Belly painting has exploded in popularity in the last few years, becoming the stylish new way for baby gender reveals and announcements. Rather than the trendy mural of a globe or other professional painting and photographing, go for something more personal. Using safe finger paint, your belly is the perfect canvas for sweet notes in from daddy or big brother or sister—or even notes to grandma and grandpa from the baby. Your thoughts and feelings, words of wisdom, or even silly jokes during these months are all perfectly memorialized in the most unique way possible—and the photographs will be worth worth every bit of it when you and your little ones look back at them.

2. Boho Baby Bump

Nothing is more beautiful than a mom as she grows along, so why not make that the highlight it the shot? Comfortable fitting, long and flowing dresses are the perfect wardrobe for capturing mother-to-be. When considering outdoor locations for these shots, try snapping a few silhouettes against a sunset for something really breathtaking. A few drops in brightness or exposure will darken the silhouette and bring out the colors of the sky for an amazing final print that’s a perfect pregnant profile shot.

3. Family Feature

Family shots aren’t complete without the whole family! Whether you choose a formal setting, or an impromptu outing, when posing for pictures be sure to include dad and the other little ones. Remember that when it comes to the kids, candid shots are the best! And speaking of kids – don’t forget to include the four-legged family members, too! You can adorn them in a custom bandana with your due date, or a message for the baby.

4. Embracing Your Roots

Pregnancy pictures are an opportunity to embrace your culture in a unique way. No matter your ethnicity, a photoshoot with the traditional clothing, or other articles of your heritage can help introduce your new family member to their history, and help you get back in touch with your roots. Bringing these traditions will help strengthen your family bond and pride in their ancestry, so why not start your little one off embracing his or her culture from early on?

Preparing for the arrival of the new baby is an exciting time. Preserve those memories for a lifetime with Snaptotes unique, personalized products. From the modern canvas prints for the walls to throw pillows to grace the rocker, and Christmas ornaments to share with the whole family, our products are each crafted in the heart of the Midwest from the finest materials, and stitched with love.

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