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Springtime Photo-Ops

Spring brings a myriad of photo opportunities. Easter egg hunts have the kids dressed to impress with smiles galore and squeals of delight from discovering the hidden treasures. Engagement photographs amongst the fresh blossoms in a field of wildflowers will ensure that special moment lives on forever in your memories — and photo album. Your fur-babies look forward to spring as much as the rest of the family — and romping through the park and rolling in the fresh grass shows it!

When planning your springtime photography, weather plays a big part. Sun position casting light and shadows varies the dramatic effect — but clouds can roll in without warning, so always be prepared for a little rain or mud. Springtime blooms are usually accompanied by bees and pollen. Always take allergies into account and be prepared — runny noses and red eyes don't always make the best photos.

Picking a spot for your photo-op is a snap. The first family vacations of the year, holiday outings, or just plain old cabin fever are all good reasons to get out of the house and get outdoors. You’ll be glad you did!


From Easter egg hunts to games of tag in flower-filled fields, nothing warms our hearts more than watching the kids play. Capturing the giggles of joy preserves those precious memories for years to come, especially when you want a colorful photo for a new carryall bag. When photographing in parks, keep the springtime pests in mind and have your favorite bug repellent handy.


White surf and deep blue waters. Golden, glowing sands. Hand-painted sunsets. Beaches provide a magical backdrop for photography, no matter what time of day. Early light of a majestic sunrise, volleyball games under the brilliant sunshine, and romantic walks to the soft glow of sunset. Beaches are an amazing spot for photographs and to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life — and greet the warmer weather.


Spring brings new life — and there’s no better place to interact with the spring babies than your local farm or petting zoo. Fuzzy balls of yellow chicks that fit perfectly in your little one’s hands. Fluffy little baby bunnies snuggling into arms. Baby goats drinking milk out of bottles. Help your children discover the wonders of new life — and capture every breathtaking moment.


When it comes to the kids, it’s all about the action. Monkey bars and slides bring out the daredevil in little boys and girls alike. Squeals of laughter, games of tag and kids being kids bring out the excitement of Spring. These action shots will take your breath away for years to come. And the play isn’t just for the little ones — let the kid inside every adult come out and join in the fun!

With Snaptotes photo gifts, preserving these memories with personalized products is a snap. The finest American leathers, durable microfiber, and supple suede are matched with skilled artisans to bring back the wonder of your springtime memories for years to come.

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Essential Travel Gear: Springbreak

Dreams of vacationing under sunny skies are just around the corner — now it's the time to start planning what you need for essential travel gear over Spring break.

If you've ever taken a family trip or know someone with extensive traveling experience, they will be quick to clue you in on the importance of proper planning. Even though you may not have a luxury cruise for two or first class tickets bound for Waikiki, we can guarantee you'll have the top notch gear with you.

Papers, Please

No trip across the border is complete without a passport. You’ve waited a lifetime for this vacation, so it’s only fitting that your very first stamp should be kept safe for years to come with a passport cover. Our genuine full grain leather passport covers are machine stitched and quality inspected by our team of expert craftspeople. Featuring two interior slots, it's got room to store papers and boarding passes in addition to your passport, while the exterior is custom designed with your own photo printed in brilliant color.

Luggage Nightmares

In our grab-and-go world of rushing from point A to point B, nothing brings life to a grinding halt like finding yourself at the carousel with the wrong bag. A customizable Bag Tag for your large bags will help you spot your luggage further away and keep mix-ups from happening. For those carry-on backpacks and duffel bags we've got a smaller Square Bag Tag. Both feature an I.D. slot and 7 inch adjustable strap. Our unique printing process brings your treasured photo option front and center with crisp imagery to give you a one of a kind luggage tag that lasts for years.

The Essentials

A chic make-up bag is a girl’s best traveling companion – and our makeup bag is guaranteed to be your new traveling bestie. The top features a sturdy zipper closure while the polished nickel swivel clip lets you attach it to any bag or suitcase. The soft yet durable fabric can be imprinted on one or both sides for the perfect travel kit.

The Snaptotes Dopp Kit for the guys bag features sturdy microfiber construction with a zipper enclosure and spacious interior for your personal hygiene needs and the personalized photo on the outside keeps friends and family with you on every adventure.

Travel Pills Cases are a necessity during vacations, not to mention medication is often easy to forget. Our travel pill case are perfect for keeping prescription medication in personal handbags safe and secure. It has room to fit 3 BPA-free bottles, each with their own compartment.

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Credit cards are the way of the world these days. To keep you organized, we’ve engineered this swivel Card Carrier capable of holding up to eight of your favorite cards in one convenient location. We can even print your prize photo flawlessly on the front.

Whatever your travel needs, Snaptotes has you covered. Take a look through our travel section to help you with some ideas for your next vacation!

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Thoughtful Gifts for Your Employees

The first Friday in March – this year it falls on March 1st – is one of the most unrecognized national days, yet are the most important in the business world.

National Employee Appreciation Day.

With just a few moments of your time – and even fewer dollars from the bottom line – you can share some love with your employees and let them know just how important they are to you, on National Employee Appreciation Day and every other day of the year.

They say it’s the age of the geek – and all you need to do is simply ask any business owner or manager to know it’s true. Telephones, electronic schedules, and everything else along the information super-highway is kept under control and functioning by the geek gods. iPhone cases, sleeves for the smart pads, or messenger bags to tote laptops and all the peripherals, we have the tech gear to make your geeks drool. Share the nerd-love with tech gifts from Snaptotes to show your IT department how much you appreciate all their hard work – and working email.

Out of the office team members spend days on the road away from home and loved ones. Travel kits are the perfect for these workers on the front line. Our high quality men’s Dopp Kit holds all the personal items needed for an overnight or extended stay on the road, with all the essentials pack conveniently into the main zippered compartment. For the ladies, keep them organized in style with our chic cosmetic bag. For an extra fashion flair, the interior fabric is available in choice of deep black, hot pink, multi-color stripe, or black and white polka dot for a fun splash. Keep your people looking good, while the personalization of these travel kits with photos keep their soul happy.

We all like to listen to our personal music while we work – but no one wants to listen to someone else’s! Make everyone happy with their own individual sets of earbuds and Snaptotes has the perfect earbud wraps. Let our designers help you combine your company logo with your employee name for a custom-made gift from the heart. Whether tucked in pocket or purse, earbuds will always be easy to find and tangle free.

Spread some fun in any workspace! Our genuine leather desk weights are a perfect gift for any office size. Filled with shot, these desk weights are perfectly weighted for keeping papers in their place – and lightweight enough to toss between cubes for some fun. Personalize these beanbags with the company logo, or add more fun be personalizing them for teams and let the cube fun begin!

Snaptotes has dozens of high-quality gifts, and with help from our professional graphic designers to create the perfect printing, you can show all your employees your appreciation for all they do every day of the year.

Because when it comes down to it, our employees aren’t just about business. It’s about family.

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Personal & Portable

Custom keepsakes that you can take with you anywhere.

We all know how important those personal and portable add-ons are that make our lives a little easier — not to mention organized and stylish. The value of a high quality laptop case or roomy handbag is priceless!

Where would we be without the little personal necessities in life like your keys, phone or laptop case and handbag with tons of pockets to stash the essentials in? They’re cool, functional and express who we are. That’s the beauty of personalizing your portable accessories with reminiscent photos - keeping those treasured moments to the forefront of our minds. At Snaptotes, we help to make those memories a part of your daily life with a custom personal and portable add-ons.


They hold the keys to our world from the car we drive to our humble abode or office. While keychains are a basic essential accessory that can subtly add a tasteful flare to any handbag or dangle from your hip, they certainly need not be dull. As if a reflection into the past, Snaptotes will help you personalize any of our fashionably sensible keychains with a your favorite timeless photo. Our keychains are constructed from full grain leather with flawless stitching and nickel hardware - keeping those memories close to your heart to enjoy for many years to come.

Phone Cases

Phone and tablet cases range from clunky glitter and bling to slim, ordinary designs, the choices are endless. A classy and sensible custom photo phone or tablet case fits the bill perfectly! Featured designs express your cool personality and chic flare without compromising protection, organization or quick accessibility. Best of all, you can easily design a flawless image using a priceless photo of your choosing.

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop and gear cases are the essential for students, businessmen and women of all walks of life. Your schoolwork, P&L reports, sales proposals and so much are dependent upon fast accessibility and protection. Laptop sleeves come in various sizes and are made of double-backed neoprene with and easy glide zipper while the messenger bag boasts quality lining and spacious pockets to store instruments and accessories is imperative. We get it! Durability, functionality, options and style are the driving force behind your purchase decision.

The Snaptotes personal and portable tech collection offers just that and more, with the option to personalize your hardware gear easily with our custom photo design.

These days, personal and portable devices are all the rave in every corner and crevice of the world. Everyone is vying for the newest and most individualized accessory available. Here at Snaptotes, our mission is to help you stand out with your own personality. With our tastefully stylish collection of custom portable protection for all your electronic tools and toys to our best seller gifts, we promise there is something tailored to you and your treasured loved ones.

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New Years Resolutions

Popular New Years resolutions and what products can help.

Welcome to 2019!

With the start of a new year comes the resolutions to have your best year ever. And while we aim high and start off strong, sometimes we need a little help to keep us on goal. Snaptotes is here to lend a hand! We’ve assembled the most popular New Year Resolutions – and some helpful tools to keep you on track for 2019.

Getting fit.

A new year always comes with resolutions for getting into shape. You can head to the gym in style with our customized Workout Bag. This extra roomy bag features an interior zippered pouch broken down into two compartments with two dividers, and an attached clip for your keys. Two additional exterior side pockets are perfect for water bottles, and it all add up to enough room to pack everything you need for a trip to the gym or an afternoon at the spa. Whether an after work trip to the gym or a quick run to the market, this bag will truly get a workout.

Travel the world.

This is the year to live out your dreams! Exotic beaches, majestic mountains, and lush forests are waiting for you. Grab your passport and let Snaptotes help you create the perfect Passport Cover. With a few short steps, our design services can take your photos and create a cover worthy of the adventures that are waiting for you. Let the collection of country stamps begin.

Peace and relaxation.

Less stress and more ‘me time’ is high up on the list for the new year. Get ready to relax and rejuvenate naturally with essential oils. Essential Oil Case. Meet your New Year’s goals head on with our customized essential oil case to hold your favorite bottles no matter where you go. Black microfiber body matched with the fully customizable cover to remind you of the important things in life. Keeping your favorite oils close allows you to soothe your mind, body, and spirit – no matter what life throws at you.

Additions to the family.

We welcomed in Baby New Year, and many will be welcoming their own new bundle of joy! With our Memory Books, you can easily keep a record of your little one through the days, months, and years. A treasure that's hand crafted to last a lifetime and tell the story through pictures, notes and keepsakes.

Food for thought.

Healthy eating starts at home, and our Lunch Tote refuels your body and images of your loved ones reenergize your soul. From school to the office, function meets fashion within our personalized lunch tote. The large surface is a perfect canvas to showcase those memories — your child's artwork, a school photo, the family pet. This tote keeps your hot food hot and can also serve as additional storage for trips or bringing home frozen goodies from the market.

With a little planning, a dash of patience, and a smidge of perseverance you can confidently go into the New Year with a plan to help keep all those resolutions and make this the best year ever.

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