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New Years Resolutions

Popular New Years resolutions and what products can help.

Welcome to 2019!

With the start of a new year comes the resolutions to have your best year ever. And while we aim high and start off strong, sometimes we need a little help to keep us on goal. Snaptotes is here to lend a hand! We’ve assembled the most popular New Year Resolutions – and some helpful tools to keep you on track for 2019.

Getting fit.

A new year always comes with resolutions for getting into shape. You can head to the gym in style with our customized Workout Bag. This extra roomy bag features an interior zippered pouch broken down into two compartments with two dividers, and an attached clip for your keys. Two additional exterior side pockets are perfect for water bottles, and it all add up to enough room to pack everything you need for a trip to the gym or an afternoon at the spa. Whether an after work trip to the gym or a quick run to the market, this bag will truly get a workout.

Travel the world.

This is the year to live out your dreams! Exotic beaches, majestic mountains, and lush forests are waiting for you. Grab your passport and let Snaptotes help you create the perfect Passport Cover. With a few short steps, our design services can take your photos and create a cover worthy of the adventures that are waiting for you. Let the collection of country stamps begin.

Peace and relaxation.

Less stress and more ‘me time’ is high up on the list for the new year. Get ready to relax and rejuvenate naturally with essential oils. Essential Oil Case. Meet your New Year’s goals head on with our customized essential oil case to hold your favorite bottles no matter where you go. Black microfiber body matched with the fully customizable cover to remind you of the important things in life. Keeping your favorite oils close allows you to soothe your mind, body, and spirit – no matter what life throws at you.

Additions to the family.

We welcomed in Baby New Year, and many will be welcoming their own new bundle of joy! With our Memory Books, you can easily keep a record of your little one through the days, months, and years. A treasure that's hand crafted to last a lifetime and tell the story through pictures, notes and keepsakes.

Food for thought.

Healthy eating starts at home, and our Lunch Tote refuels your body and images of your loved ones reenergize your soul. From school to the office, function meets fashion within our personalized lunch tote. The large surface is a perfect canvas to showcase those memories — your child's artwork, a school photo, the family pet. This tote keeps your hot food hot and can also serve as additional storage for trips or bringing home frozen goodies from the market.

With a little planning, a dash of patience, and a smidge of perseverance you can confidently go into the New Year with a plan to help keep all those resolutions and make this the best year ever.

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Piecing It All Together

Creating The Perfect Photo Collage

For thousands of years, it’s been a prevailing artwork media. From simple to intricate, classic to bold and edgy, in every artistic medium imaginable, the collage has withstood the test of time. In our digital age, the modern collage is a collection of photos that come together to form one picture. A photo collage tells a beautiful story. Your story.

Creating a stunning photo collage is incredibly easy. Following a few simple steps will help you have a collage perfect for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Story time:

The collage tells a story – so be sure to choose photos based on that story! From your wedding day to special family outings, selecting photos that fall within a theme or event is a great way to start your collage. Pictures of your little one growing up across the years, or even capturing the highlights of senior year, each photo is a warm memory that makes up life – and a beautiful collage.

Lay it out:

Next, arrange your photos. There’s no right or wrong way – and the more diverse the pattern, the more unique way to share the story! When placing the pictures, you can choose to position them chronologically or staggered aesthetically – or completely random. For more fun, arrange them to form a shape - the only limit to the possibilities is your creativity and imagination.

Stay within the lines:

Another option with your collage is adding borders around and between the photos. These margins can be colorful and loud, or subtle and demure – it’s all about your story and your personality. For holiday-themed collages, consider using the colors of the season intermingled with clipart. To achieve a modern minimalist look, consider incorporating black and white photographs and a thin border of black or white to create a chic monochrome. If you’re looking for edgier, let our designers walk you through monochrome images with a single muted color for an eye-popping design.


Don’t forget graphics and text! From quirky clipart to your favorite sayings and family mottos, various graphics can take your photo medley to the next level of fun and fashion. If the collage is a gift, consider adding personalized messages from loved ones. For larger projects – such as banners – leave some white space and provide permanent markers for friends and family to write in their own messages.

With outstanding designers to help you every step of the way, your collage will be a breathtaking work of art – just like your memories.

With a stunning assortment of classy and chic accessories for fashion and the home, Snaptotes has been bringing memories to life with custom personalized photo products for decades. From our classic Mandy bag that truly exemplifies class to our fun totes that can hold everything – personalized photo products from Snaptotes help you bring those precious memories from your heart into your day-to-day life.

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Improving Your Instagram Photography

Tips and tweaks for the best Instagram pics

Instagram. The heart and soul of picture and video sharing across social networks. Gone are the dinosaur picture albums and printed pictures collected in a shoebox. From your smartphone to the cloud, your images are safe for years to come.

We all want to make our pictures the best they can be – and using our smartphones is no different. The professionals at Snaptotes have gathered a handful of our best suggestions for taking your Instagrams to the next level

  • Plan: Nothing compares to candid shots of giggling youngsters, or spur of the moment snapshots capturing an elusive rainbow or brilliant leaves when the sun peeks out and hits them just the right way. But if you’re planning to head out to the local zoo or State Park, consider the time, lighting, and other situations that can help elicit the best photographs.
  • Experiment: We all know the rule of thirds when it comes to photography. For an edgy twist, pay attention and include unconventional angles and dark / light patterns. Kick these photos up a notch with a monochrome setting for images that are out of this world.
  • There’s an(other) app for that: Using your smartphone to take pictures and videos is the new norm. But before you go for the factory photo enhancements, consider downloading a camera controls app from your play store. With these apps, controlling the function of your camera – say, exposure delay – opens the door for amazing photo opportunities.
  • Avoid the selfie: Somehow, the social media self-portraits – selfies – have transformed from smiling faces to duck lips and fish gapes. Take back the selfie and be part of the scenery and photograph. Use the camera’s timer to be a part of the photograph as a whole – not a fish out of water
  • Tell a story: You shouldn’t need a lot of words to explain your photo. With your pictures, let your images tell the stories – or better yet, let your follower’s imaginations take them on their own adventures through your pictures. An image in brilliant colors can convey enjoyment, while the same image in subdued or monochrome tones can elicit an emotional response.
  • Keep it private: In this digital age of Google maps and GPS, privacy is at a premium. Don’t take it for granted – or lightly. No matter what camera app you use for your images, always check all the privacy settings before taking or uploading pictures. Most cell phones have location tags set to default include GPS information of where a photograph was taken. That’s great for when you want to go back to that same spot where you snapped that amazing shot of the waterfall and colorful fall leaves. But it’s not so great when you’re posting family pictures to an open audience.

Sharing pictures has changed over the years, and social media and Instagram takes sharing experiences and photographs to a whole new level – and audience.

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Mood Boards

From inspiration to composition

Mood Boards – also known as Inspiration Boards – are a modern way of expressing our feelings or creativity. Pictures, images, texts, and objects that convey a mood or emotion are collected and assembled on a poster board or corkboard. We use them to convey ideas or emotions, or just show off our personality.

Creating your own mood board is incredibly easy, and opens the door to a whole new way expressing yourself in ways you might not have considered:

Current mood: 

In honor of its namesake, let friends and family know how you’re feeling by switching up your mood board throughout the day. Simple shifts of colors and texts can convey your true feelings – and even let others help you out of a funk. At work, post a picture or meme by your desk to let your coworkers know how you’re doing – and start a whole new office trend!

These are a few of my favorite things:

Much like Pinterest, inspiration boards are ways to inspire yourself, or others. Ideas, colors, themes all lend themselves to getting the creative juices flowing for a craft project or decorating ideas. Planning to redecorate a family room? Get the entire clan involved by letting everyone choose elements to add to the board to bring the room together for maximum impact and comfort.

This is me: 

When heading off to college, create a mood board to hang outside your dorm room, or above your bed with your favorite photo pillows. Be sure to include pictures of your family, pets, and favorite places. Telling a story of you without using any words is a great way to meet new friends and share common interests. If you’re a Resident Assistant, encourage everyone on the floor to create their own board and display them in the common room – and let others guess the owner.

Study help: 

Cramming for that big math test? Feel like you’re drowning in history? Change up your mood board and ask for help from your fellow students at the same time! Post images, memes, and text and you’ll find yourself with a study partner in no time – and ace that test!

How was your day:

Start a new after-school family tradition with a mood board for each one of the kiddos. Allow them to share their day, report cards, tests, and anything else that stands out from their day. Help them develop their expressiveness by having the rest of the family come together and guess!

Moody teens: 

If you’ve got a teenager in the house, affix a board to the outside of their bedroom door to allow them to change up according to how they feel. For more open communication, hang two smaller boards – one for them and one for you, and share back and forth!

Mood boards aren’t just for the professionals. Inspiration and mood boards give us an endless opportunity for creative communication and self-expression at home, work, or at school. No matter how you choose to use these trendy boards – material or digital – express yourself out loud without saying a word.

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Decorating Outside The Box

Unconventional - and dynamic - holiday decorating ideas

The long warm days are slowly giving way to cooler nights. The sun isn’t rising as high and is setting earlier. The bright greenery is giving way to the brilliant colors of Fall. Soon, the Holidays will be upon us.

Nothing brings out the fun and festivity of decorating for the holidays. But rather than pulling out the garland, add some personal – and unique – touches around your home to bring back the warmth of holidays shared with family and friends

Photo Pillows:

Add a splash of festive fun with holiday throw pillows! From the family pet with a Santa hat to a family reunion in front of the Christmas tree, our hypoallergenic throw pillows and chic pallets of colors transform any space with a splash of the holidays with warmth that only those special memories can bring.

Quilt Blocks:

A subtle touch of the colors of the seasons mixed with loved ones and memories and then stitched together with love – no matter where you are, bring the holidays with you! Order custom photo quilt blocks for your next creation here.

Office Accessories:

Even when keeping within protocol, cubicles don’t have to be boring! With our office accessories, you can bring in the holidays in a subtle yet personal way that will keep you warm, even during the office thermostat wars. Our mousepads are made from high quality neoprene to bring your workspace to life with your favorite family holiday gathering. For a little more hands-on fun, add your favorite winter photo to our mini beanbag desk weights and transform from paper-holders to throw toy and back in an instant!

Kitchen Products:

Homework and cookies, family dinners and discussions. Your kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. Bring in a subtle splash of the season – and inspirational memories – with our line of kitchen accessories! Our soft microfiber tea towel is perfect for wiping flour off funny faces, and your image is guaranteed not to fade. When it comes to pulling out the holiday pies, you can’t go wrong with double-backed neoprene pot holders. Even your four-legged kid can get into the holidays with their personalized pet mat! All of our kitchen accessories feature the highest quality materials and incorporate our specialized printing technique to bring the truest colors to life.

Holiday ornaments:

Our stylish holiday ornaments aren’t just for trees! Whether you choose to add music, our delightful leather Holiday Ornaments are the perfect little accessory to tuck around the home.

Snaptotes brings the perfect sprinkle of magic to the holidays to keep the precious memories with you, every day.

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